Kim Jung Hoon

Kim Jung-hoon (a.k.a. Yul in the popular MBC teen drama Goong) to Release Album in Japan

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Kim Jung-hoon, a member of the male duet UN who has made a successful debut as an actor on the MBC TV drama Royal Palace (a.k.a Goong), will release his first solo album in Japan in October.

A person from Kim’s agency said August 4 that Kim has decided to release an album in Japan after receiving an offer from a Japanese record company, but will not perform the songs from the upcoming album in Korea. He also added that the album will contain mostly ballads targeting a wide audience that feature outstanding melodies.

Kim will visit Japan August 6 to prepare for the release of the album.
Source: KBS Global

doozy: Woot woot! Go Yul! Heehee… In Goong, I liked his character more than Shin, the crown prince and was rooting for him to end up with Chae Kyung throughout the drama. He’s very cute, and looks quite young for his age. (I believe he’s 26 or 27.) Wish him the best in everything!!


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