Which Star Are You From?

Main Cast:
Kim Rae Won – Choi Seung Hui
Jung Ryeo Won – Lee Hye Su and Kim Bok Sil (she plays twins in the drama)

Apparently, the PD (production director) for this drama is the same guy that directed Attic Cat and Full House (not sure, though). Kim Rae Won’s previous K-drama was Love Story in Harvard (which I gave a pass because Kim Tae Hee’s stare scares me and because, well, I’m just not interested). Recently, I saw him in the movie Mr. Socrates, where he was quite good. This guy has really good comedic timing, although the movie was really violent! Jung Ryeo Won gained popularity when she played Sam Soon’s “rival” in My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

Why did I choose to watch this?
I chose to watch this drama because 1) I like Kim Rae Won in Attic Cat and he’s not bad to look at either. Plus, I don’t mind Jung Ryeo Won. She’s cute, great smile, and most importantly, she can act. And 2) It was out during the time when I “left” TVB and became “obsessed” with K-dramas. Hence, I must watch everything that came out. (Granted, subtitles must be available. Hey, I’m not patient and obsessed enough to just stare at the screen, not understanding what the heck is going on, just to get my “fix.”)

So… Is is any good?
Initially, I wasn’t going to write a review about this drama because, well, too lazy to write anything that won’t be graded by a teacher. However, it’s gotten to a point where I can’t keep my feelings in anymore. Thanks to Which Star Are You From?, I’ve realized several things:

1. I’m bothered when I don’t finish something that I’ve started.
2. I have masochist tendencies. (the opposite of sadist, where you like to hurt yourself, not others)
3. Why, hello TVB! Long time no see!
4. Obsession, like alcohol, may impair your judgement.
So obviously, the answer to the above question is: NO.

What is it about?
From episode 1 to around episodes 3-5 (or maybe earlier): Boy meets girl A –> they fall in love –> girl A’s family objects but, of course, they stay together despite this obstacle –> unfortunately, girl A dies in a tragic car accident –> boy is very sad.

From episodes 3-5 to infinity, I mean, episode 16: Then, boy meets girl B who is a country girl and who just happens to look like girl A because… *drum rolls, please* she is girl A’s long lost sister –> of course, they fall in love –> family objects, again –> they refuse to break up –> girl B’s real mother becomes sick –> they break up (yes, boo hoo, I know. Pass the kneenex please… umm, I just clumsily knocked over my soda!) –> but then, they got back together at the end. Woop tee doo!

Really? That’s all?
No, porky pig…heehee. That is not all. In every episode, the same song is playing over and over again and the audience gets to watch a grown woman dress her hair up in Pipi Longstocking-like pigtails, acting like she is 10 years old. In addition, girl B adds to the soundtrack by crying in probably every other scene. What’s the dealio, here? Is it really that sad? After careful analysis, I’ve come up with the following possibilities.

A) She’s too hydrated and her body must somehow get rid of the extra water. What better way to do it than something that may elicit viewers’ sympathy at the same time.
B) She went to the Onion Festival and enjoyed it so much that she wants to recreate the experience and bring back fond memories by crying.
C) Dang, those allergens!
D) Seoul, Korea is so dusty that her eyes can’t help but tear up.
E) Believe it or not, it is really that sad.
F) Geez, can’t a girl just cry because she just feels like crying? What’s up with all these reasons?
G) None of the above.

What about the acting? It must be better than the storyline, right?
Well, it’s not bad considering the material that the actors had to work with; but, it’s not good, either. The roles are not complex or even interesting. Simply put, one word: boring. Kim Rae Won was hilarious in Attic Cat and Jung Ryeo Won gave a good performance in MNIKSS. However here, there is something lacking, something that would make the audience care about their characters enough to keep watching even though the storyline sucks.

The plot stinks and the acting is mediocre. But is the scenery/cinematography good?
No. Cinematography wise, don’t expect anything similar to the “Four Seasons” dramas. Those dramas aren’t good but at least, they look beautiful.

Who should watch this?
A super duper fan of either or both lead actors. Or an insomniac who can’t seem to fall asleep. (Believe me, it works!)

But summer’s here and I’m so bored! What are the alternatives?
There are several recent dramas that are quite good. I recommend Goodbye Solo, Alone in Love, Bad Family, and Mr. Goodbye.

Which star are you from? Please, let me know so I can shoot you back to wherever that is! Leave Earth in peace.

Sweet or Sour?

Bertie Bott’s jelly beans.


3 thoughts on “Which Star Are You From?

  1. :Applause: :Applause: Your first, and very long series review! How long did it take you? But very funny and sarcastic and fun to read, and has your unique point of views! I see you have a visitor counter and new banner too… I’m guessing is that Rain?

  2. ohh, I was going to buy it to watch but was hesistant cos I don’t really like JRW but after reading ur review, I am giving it a pass. Can’t wait for more of your reviews. =)

  3. I respect your opinion. but everyone has different taste. i kinda like krw and jrw. although the story is not so unique but i really appreciate the acting of krw and jrw. i enjoyed watching which star are you from since the story is a mixture of romance, comedy and drama. i didn’t find it boring. they look good together. i hope they will we paired again in the future.

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