Big Big World

I was listening to my music playlist today and the song Big Big World by Emilia came up. Any fans of TVB series remember this song? It was played throughout the popular drama Detective Investigation IV. The drama showcased one of the most compatible and memorable couples in TVB series: Jessica Hsuan and Louis Koo. Listening to the song brought back alot of good TVB memories from those days. It also made me think about how this kind of chemistry is lacking between co-stars in TVB series nowadays, which is partly the reason why I now watch more K-dramas than TVB series. My favorite couples from that “era” were Jessica & Louis and Flora Chan & Bowie Lam. Unfortunately, the chances of these actors pairing up again in TVB land is nil.

To download Big Big World by Emilia, click here. Let’s reminisce about those good times together!


7 thoughts on “Big Big World

  1. Yo! Just stumbled across this post and I just wanted to give unleash my love for the Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan pairing! I think Jessica actually pairs up nicely with all her male costars, but with Louis, gah, how I loved watching them onscreen together. Bobbie Au Yeung and Esther Kwan, Lawrence Ng and Ada Choi are also among my all-time fave TVB onscreen couples 🙂

    And you’re so right, the chemistry these days btwn TVB stars is SO lacking >_>”

    • Dude, I love Bobbie & Esther and Lawrence & Ada too! Gone are the good ol’ days of actors and actresses who can act and have electrifying chemistry together.

  2. Hi! I didn’t expect that I’d stumble upon this post. Jessica is my first favorite actress (seen her in Qian Nu You Hun) 🙂 DIF IV wasn’t aired here in our country but I heard a lot of good feedback about it. I watched fanmade videos of Jess-Louis and I must say they look good together.

    Thank you for loving Jessica and Louis!

      • When I watched this drama years ago, it was dubbed in Vietnamese. I saw your question and did an online search for them, which you probably did as well, but couldn’t find anything. I’m not sure if the show has English subtitles and if it does, where to find it. Sorry.

  3. 😦 aw.. so you’re vietnamese.. I already gave up the hope that a local tv station will air it here because its considered an old tv series. T_T

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