Nude Face

Going Makeup-free – Expose Your Face in All Its Natural Beauty

Makeup seems to no longer be in fashion. A makeup-free face has come to symbolize natural beauty, emerging as one of the latest cultural trends. The word “ssang-eol,” meaning “nude face,” became popular after several celebrities used it on TV shows. The fervor for not using makeup stemmed from the rising consciousness about healthy living, as people nowadays seem to prefer natural beauty more than artificially created beauty using makeup and plastic surgery. Adding to the “nude face” boom is people’s growing interest in the photos of celebrities’ makeup-free faces that have been circulating recently on the Internet.

Nude face trend on TV and in commercials

As if keeping pace with the “nude face” trend, many celebrities are appearing makeup-free on TV these days or at least use as little makeup as possible to underscore their inborn beauty. The “nude face” trend even rules TV commercials nowadays, with top stars boldly showing off their makeup-free faces and eliciting a favorable response from young viewers.

Nude faces everywhere

Celebrities are not the only ones who are deciding to forgo thick makeup these days. Interest in skincare has surged recently even among ordinary people, as a nude face has emerged as a symbol of natural beauty and a way to show off one’s perfect complexion. A growing number of women are frequenting beauty salons these days to receive facials and all kinds of dermatological surgeries. First of all, they remove spots and discoloration from their faces using lasers to make their complexion look flawless. Some women even draw permanent brows so as not to “look like Mona Lisa” after they remove makeup, while others have a red color injected into their lips to make them constantly look attractive. The only purpose of all such efforts is to look perfect without makeup. The clientele of wrinkle treatment, which in the past was the exclusive domain of people in their 40s and 50s, has grown to include people in their 20s as well. As interest in removing wrinkles has soared among young people, the number of wrinkle treatment patients younger than 30 has skyrocketed recently. Dermatological clinics have seen the number of their patients rise 30 percent this summer from the same period a year ago as a result of the “nude face” boom.

Cosmetics transformation

The “nude face” trend has also brought changes in women’s choice of cosmetic products. As a result, cosmetics companies are now focusing their business on developing skincare products rather than makeup products. Multi-functional cosmetic products that combine several functions in a single product, such as “lotion plus foundation,” or “makeup base plus foundation,” have hit the market in succession recently. Such multi-functional products create a clean, flawless look easily without having to put on thick makeup. Sales of concealers, which hide spots, freckles and discoloration, have been on the rise as well. Recently developed cosmetic products for the eyes and lips tend to contain pearl these days to underscore a clean, makeup-free complexion. Also popular are sunscreen and whitening products.

Going makeup-free

It takes continuous effort to create a flawless look without using makeup. Here are a few tips on how to achieve that look.

Sleep well

Getting enough sleep is essential if you want to have a beautiful complexion. Don’t miss the timeslot between midnight and 2 a.m., when skin cells regenerate.

Relieve stress

Stress not only accelerates the aging process but also causes dark circles under your eyes. Relieve stress through exercise and keep your body fit.

Drink lots of liquids

The lack of liquids in the body causes the skin to age. Drink at least eight glasses of fresh water a day to stay hydrated.

Apply sunscreen

Ultraviolet rays not only tan your skin but also cause spots and freckles. They also deprive the skin of elasticity and cause wrinkles. Apply sunscreen marked as “double plus” and SPF 15 or higher before going outside and reapply every two hours.

Eat nutritious foods

Green-leaf vegetables, egg yolk, fish and other foods containing vitamin A help prevent the oxidization of skin cell membranes, while vitamin E contained in nuts, vegetables, corn and beans helps prevent skin cell damage.

No smoking and drinking

Quit smoking and drinking for the sake of your health.

The “nude face” trend is the reflection of women’s rising interest in healthy skin, and that interest will only continue to rise in the future. But concerns are also rising that the obsession with “natural beauty” will only aggravate “lookism.” The “nude face” boom has emerged as a widely used commercial strategy of celebrity management agencies, beauty parlors and cosmetic companies. Let’s hope that the pursuit of natural beauty will translate into the increased expression of women’s self-confidence.
Source: KBS Global

doozy: What an interesting article! I remember seeing a thread that has pictures of Korean actresses with minimal or no makeup on, but I couldn’t find it at the moment. I’ll post up the pictures if I do find them.