Jo In Sung, “Disappointed that nobody recognized me in Japan”

“I was disappointed that nobody recognized me in Japan, but I don’t understand how so many people could have come today.”

Jo In Sung met with 3,000 or so members of his official club on the 21st at 3pm and 7pm at the Tokyo Bunkyo Civic Big Hall.

Jo In Sung held a birthday party at the fan meeting and spoke with fans about his recent movie A Dirty Carnival as well as his personal life.

He also requested a camera to be installed on stage and took a picture of the 3,000 fans receiving applause.

Jo In Sung commented, “I’m nervous and is a rather different experience as I’ve never been on a stage this big. It is a completely different feeling from filming a drama or movie.”

Especially in regards to his trip to Japan, Jo In Sung said, “I backpacked for 5 days and 4 nights and toured the city riding the subway. I didn’t understand Japanese so I missed stops and had to walk for hours.” He also admitted that he was somewhat disappointed that nobody recognized him.

When asked by one fan about his girlfriend and thoughts about love, Jo In Sung responded, “I personally like the line from the movie Tian mi mi (Comrades: Almost a Love Story), ‘I believe the time I loved you most, was when you were not by my side.’ When two people meet for a long time, the flattering feelings and what seems to be the feeling of love may go away, but I believe that is true love. I believe one day I will be able to experience such love.” (Aw, what a sweetheart!)

Lastly, Jo In Sung said to his fans, “I will put effort into making my acting be with everyone, and hope that you will be on my side as I mature.”

Meanwhile, Jo In Sung will attend one more fan meeting on the 23rd in Osaka and return to Korea on the 25th.

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doozy: Wah~ He was backpacking in the city and NO ONE recognized him?! Does one need to be Bae Yong Joon in order to get some recognition in Japan? How could they? I mean, was he extremely crappy looking or what? That must be it because this is one tall, goodlooking man who starred in the popular drama What Happened in Bali and one of my favorite movies The Classic.
Jo In Sung sshi…next time, please let me know your travel plans ahead of time and I’ll be sure to bump into you “unintentionally” and I’ll definitely recognize you so that you won’t feel bad. Um… by the way, why were you wearing a bow on your neck at the event?!

Lee Jun Ki: Comic Book Hero?

Promo Cartoon Portrays King and Clown Star’s Life

The King and the Clown sold 12.3 million tickets, Korea’s no. 1 movie of all time until then, and the hero Gong-Gil, a man with a smile more beautiful than that of any woman, kicked off a syndrome all his own in the first half of this year. The success story of the actor who played him is now being portrayed in commercials for a juice drink called The Beauty Likes Pomegranate. Comic book artist Won Su-yeon, who is famous for Full House, joined hands with Lee Jun-ki, who is growing into the Korean film world’s blue chip, to portray Lee’s life in a comic strip.

The curtain has already risen on part 1 of the five-part series commercial. In the first installment: despite his parent’s objections, Lee Jun-ki leaves his home for the big city. He gets on the train, takes his seat, and starts thinking back on what his father said. Heaven and earth shake as his father bellows, “I didn’t raise my son to be an entertainer!” But in spite of the intense objection, he arrives at Seoul Station, and says, “No matter what anyone says, I am going to go my own way.” Of course the story has a happy ending.

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But the plan is to portray the pain, jealousy and envy the actor never believed were possible until he met with overnight success. No. 2 in the series will come out on Sept. 1, and by the end of October the entire legend of the actor’s success will be complete. The head of marketing with Lotte Chilsung, Kim Sang-tae, says, “We wanted to create a work of culture that was far from the normal PR materials and give something to the target consumer, girls in their teens and 20s, that they could enjoy.” After the Beauty Song TV commercial, the firm expects this to become another cultural icon, he added. The firm expects this to become another cultural icon, he added.

doozy: “…the hero Gong-Gil, a man with a smile more beautiful than that of any woman…” I completely agree with this phrase. In The King and the Clown, Gong-Gil is gorgeous! When I first saw Lee Jun Ki in the romantic comedy My Girl, I thought he was a woman! Everytime I see his pictures, I would always be jealous of his hair. The man has great hair, I tell you…heehee.

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WITH S2 Store

Hello everyone!

The K-drama subbing team WITH S2 has recently started a clothing drive. Please support and support us in keeping fansubbing free for everyone. The link to the store is in the sidebar under “support with S2, support soompi.” Below is more detailed information about our new store. Thank you!

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