Eye Candy: Issue no.3

The Drool-worthy NamJa of Korean Entertainment

Hyun Bin smile

Looks: A-
If you’ve seen the K-drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon, then you’d understand why Hyun Bin deserves to be on this list of hot men. With his tall and slim physique, he looks nice in any outfit, even those really feminine-looking ones (think: purple and pastel pink). His well-styled hair and flawless skin are also two of his best features. Hence, with what I’ve described thus far, you may be wondering why did I give him an A- in looks. The reason has to do to with his smile. Although he has very cute dimples, his smile is “nothing to write home about.” In many of the pictures as well as onscreen, it always looks so awkward and forced. He may very well be feeling very happy but sadly, his smile does not show the true feeling. Thus, the pictures of him that I like most are the ones where he has that serious, smoldering look. Those pictures are hotness!

Talent: A-
I’ve seen Hyun Bin in two shows: the K-drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon and the movie A Millionaire’s First Love. (I also watched Hyun Bin in Daddy Long Legs, but his role was only supporting/cameo so it’s difficult to comment his ability from that performance.) In both shows, his characters are very similar to each other; they are both rich, arrogant, have painful pasts, and end up falling in love with girls that are completely different than the ones they are used to encounter in their everyday life. Seeing how Hyun Bin’s character from A Millionaire’s First Love is not that much of a stretch from the one he plays in My Name is Kim Sam Soon, I can’t really evaluate his versatility as an actor. However, he gets an A- in talent because in those two shows, he plays the character very well. His next project is more on the [melo]dramatic side, so I really look forward to seeing if there is any new development in his acting capability because this is one actor with alot of potential.


Actor: Hyun Bin
Real Name: Kim Tae Pyung
Birthday: September 25, 1982
Blood Type: B
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Siblings: Parents and one older brother
School: Joong Ang University
Hobbies: (watching) Plays, Swimming, Basketball
Status: Single
Source: soompi thread


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Introduction on Hyun Bin

Just like the words of English poet Byron, the new-generation-star Hyun Bin has instantaneously joined the procession of top stars.

He decided to become an actor last July, and now he’s already a bright dazzling star–after only a year.

MBC series Nonstop 4 and drama Ireland, as well as the movie Spin Kick, these are all he got so far.

Hyun Bin walks the path of a movie star faster than anyone else, so it’s not wrong at all to say that he’s a “lightning star”.

This has added on the mysteriousness hidden behind him. Now it’s time to unveil it.

Actor: During the drama class in his Senior High Year 1, at the moment the audience cheered in applause after the first performance, he began to have the dream of becoming an actor. He pretended to go to the library while actually he went for the drama class. Of course in the end it was discovered and thus he was forbidden attend it anymore. However, in this world there are no parents who can remain perverse over their children when the children are more persistent than them, so eventually he was permitted to go to the drama class on the condition that he would get the entry qualification for Theatre Studies at Chung-Ang University. Of course he made it.

Bodyguard: This is the occupation of the role he played in his significant work Ireland, Kang Gook. This is also the title of the KBS drama Bodyguard, in which Hyun Bin made his debut appearance. Although he just played a minor role in the drama, he said that the drama has been a very precious experience for him. As he had familiarized himself with things related to bodyguards at that time, he could perform much better in Ireland later. (Side note: When Bi’s recent drama A Love To Kill was airing in Korean, many people compared Bi’s role with Hyun Bin’s character in Ireland, commenting on how Kang Bok Gu is a copy of Kang Gook.)

Character: He’s a rather reserved person who is shy to talk to strangers. It may not be a good character for an actor, but the artistic charisma he has is a wonderful gift that can develop himself into an actor.

Digital Camera: It is believed that the DC people spread my pictures over the net and made me a star. Recently I’ve also seen a lot of people holding mobile phones or digital cameras. But maybe because I’m not used to it yet, so whenever there are people trying to catch my picture, I’ll lower my head. Actually I should pose nicely for the fans.

Email: I really like to compose email, and I usually use email instead of telephones to chat with my friends. When I just started my acting career I even replied every single one of the email that my fans sent to me. But recently I’ve been really busy. Everyday I may receive thousands of email, yet since I’ve started the shooting of Ireland I don’t even have time for checking email. Some of the email may even be bounced back due to the exceeded storage in my mailbox as I haven’t deleted the older email. I’m really sorry about that.

Football: My favourite sport. Actually I’m a member of the stars football team led by Kim Soo Ro. Of course I’m the youngest in position, so I can only be a defensive player. But recently I’m arranged to be the forward because it’s said that I’m more famous now. Well, this makes me feel that I’m indeed getting famous.

Girlfriend: We broke up after I entered the entertainment industry. So far there’s no one yet. If I have girlfriend I’ll be nice to her with all my heart. But now I’m too busy, so I can’t look for a girlfriend yet.

Home: Since my parents moved to another place I’ve been staying together with my manager in a room. Of course the beds are separated, please don’t misunderstand anything.

IQ: I’ve forgotten the exact score, but I remember that it’s quite high. Judging from how I memorize the scriptures and how I settle myself down in a new environment, I should say that I’m quite smart.

Money: Seems like I haven’t earned a lot. Recently I’ve shot some commercials, so I do earn some. All my income goes to my mom, and I get 350,000 won from her every month. Is it too little? Actually I don’t really have the chance to spend it all, sometimes there’s even leftover.

Name: Kim Tae Pyung. Maybe a bit old-fashioned, but it’s really a good name, from which you can see that I’m not a hasty person. “Hyun Bin” means “shining brightly”, containing the ambition of becoming the star of the stars.

Oscar Award: The future goal. Maybe it’s too big, but I don’t think it’s impossible. The goal before this is to have the term “actor” become a prefix before my name. My childhood dream was similar to that of Ahn Sung Gi son-bae and Choi Min Sik son-bae, which is to become a policeman, and a person who can sacrifice oneself for the justice [huhu: the original texts here are a bit ambiguous in meaning, so I’m not sure if this is the correct meaning]. The biggest advantage of becoming an actor is to try to live the lives that one has never gone through before.

Skin: The most confident part of my body. Sometimes I even get the remarks that my skin is better than women’s. But staying up late for drama shooting has indeed hurt my skin. Beauty is a result of sleeping. Only until now I get to enter the beauty center to receive skincare treatment.

Tutor: The home-room teacher during my Senior High Year 2 and 3 is the most important tutor in my life. He emphasized more on the right way to behave than to merely study. As an actor, all the seniors (son-bae) are my tutors. Jung Woo Sung son-bae’s eyes, Park Joong Hoon son-bae’s unique charisma, and Song Kang Ho son-bae’s comedic performance, all these are what I need to learn.
Source: Baidu Hyun Bin’s Bar
Translated by: http://www.hyunbinchina.com/bbs. All rights reserved.
Special thanks: SeReNiTy

“Memory” MV by Kim Byun Su (Starring: Hyun Bin and Lee Da Hae)


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