It’s That Time Again…

Yup, another year has gone by and I am now one year older. Gosh, I feel so old! *cries* Heehee.

Anyway, a big THANK YOU to my WITH S2 buddies for their warm birthday wishes! (Emily, Van, Ghalia, Hwe Ping, Shenny, Vanessa, and Kathleen.. Hope I’m not forgetting anyone.. If so, sorry!) You all are awesome!
In the words of Snoop Dog, WITH S2 is the real dizzle, rocking the fansubbizzle world. Heehee.

A poem by: Susan Polis

I wish for you to have
people to love
people in your life who will care so much about you
blue skies and clear days
exciting things to do
easy solutions to any problems
knowledge to make the right decisions
strength in your values
laughter and fun
goals to pursue
happiness in all that you do
My friend
I wish for you to have
beautiful experiences
each new day
as you follow
your dreams

Special thanks to Emily for the lovely poem.


Lee Dong Wook and Hyun Young Lead the Movie The All-powerful Romance

Lee Dong Wook will costar with Hyun Young in the movie The All-powerful Romance. This romantic-comical movie portrays the love and confrontation between a detective and an off-the-wall woman. LDW plays a passionate detective who loves to catch criminals. The filming is scheduled to begin on 9/15. The director is Kim Jung Woo who just directed the movie Oh My God (2006).

doozy: Eesh… why does it have to be Hyun Young? I mean, I don’t hate her but I don’t like her, either. Oh well, I’ll just have to take what I can get. I’ll watch it to support Wookie.