Bi (Rain) to Launch World Tour in December

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Singer Rain will give a free-of-charge concert ahead of his world tour slated for December. Some 40,000 fans have been invited to the concert, which will be held October 13 at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul under the theme, “Rain’s Coming.”

The concert will herald the beginning of Rain’s five-month world tour, which will cover 12 countries, including the United States, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, China and Japan. Audiences will be invited to donate money to help physically challenged people.

Rain’s world tour will be produced by globally renowned concert producers including Jamie King, who also produced and choreographed concerts for Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Rain met with King in July in the United States to discuss the preparations. Other prominent figures involved include Tom Hudak, who produced concerts for The Eagles and Prince, and Roy Bennet, who was in charge of lighting at the U.S. MTV Video Music Awards. The scale and quality of Rain’s upcoming tour will be comparable with the global tours of the world’s top artists, and will likely serve as an opportunity for the domestic performance sector to develop further.

Lee In-kwang, CEO of StarM, which is organizing Rain’s tour, said that the upcoming concert in Seoul will serve as a starting point for Rain’s advancement to the global market, and that the charity aspect of the concert will be its most important part because Rain feels great responsibility as a big star.

He also added that one-fourth of the audience will comprise foreign fans and music experts. Rain will donate a part of his world tour proceeds to needy and starving children in underdeveloped countries. StarM will begin distributing tickets to Rain’s concert nationwide this month.
Source: KBS Global

doozy: Bi’s coming! Get your umbrellas ready! Heehee.
Aw, no! I guess they’ve given out already the free tickets for the concert in Seoul. Oh, well. There’s always the chance to go see Bi when he comes to the U.S. Although it’s for a worthy cause, I hope the concert ticket won’t be that expensive. It’s sweet and charitable of Bi to use his star power for good!

New Song on Playlist

The Origin of Love (from Hedwig and the Angry Inch OST)
Lyrics provided by:
Edit: doozy

When the Earth was still flat
and the clouds made of fire
and the mountains stretched up to the sky
sometimes higher

Folks roamed the earth
like big rolling kegs
they had two sets of arms
they had two sets of legs

They had two faces
peering out of one giant head
so they could watch all around them
as they talked while they read

And they never knew nothing of love
It was before
The Origin Of Love
Origin of love
The origin of Love
Origin of love

Now there was three sexes then
One that looked like two men
glued up back too back
They called the children of the Sun

And similar of shape and girth
was the children of the earth
they looked like two girls
rolled up in one

And the children of the Moon
Were like a fork shaped on a spoon
They were part Sun part Earth
part daughter part son

The Origin of Love

Now the gods grew quite scared
of our strength and defiance
And Thor said :”I’m gonna kill them all
With my hammer like I killed the giants.”

But Zeus said:”No, you better let me
use my lightning like scissors
Like I cut the legs of the whales
dinosaurs and the lizards.

And then he grabbed up some bolts
He let out a laugh
He said:”I’ll split them right down the middle
I’m gonna cut them right up in half.

And the storm clouds gathered above
Into great balls of fire

And then fire shot down
From the sky in bolts
Like shining blades of a knife
And they ripped right through the flesh
Of the children of the Sun and the Moon and the Earth

And some Indian god sewed the wound up
To a hole full around to a belly
to remind us of the price we pay

And Osiris, and the gods of the Nile
gathered up a big storm
to blow a hurricane
to scatter us away.
A flood of wind and rain
a sea of tidal waves
to wash us all away
and if we don’t behave
They cut us down again
And we’ll be hopping round on one foot
and looking through one eye

The last time I saw you
we were just split in two
you was looking at me
I was looking at you

You had a way so familiar
I could not recognize
cause you had blood on your face
I had blood in my eyes
But I could swear by your expression
that the pain down in your soul
was the same as the one down in mine

That’s the pain that cuts a straight line
down through the heart
We call it love
we wrapped our armes around each other
tried to shove ourselves back together
we was making love
making love

It was a cold dark evening
such a long time ago
By the mighty hand of Joe

It was a sad story
how we became lonely two-leg creatures
It was the story of the Origin of Love
That’s The origin of love
The Origin of love (x3)