I Had A Bad Day

Today was a bad day at work. I don’t think I’ve ever been this angry and feeling so insulted before due to a work-related matter. What happened? Oh, I’ll tell you what happened.
See, at work we have several levels of managers. There’s the main manager and then there’s his boss, whom I shall refer to as A from here onward. (As to what the letter A stands for, you can use your imagination.) A does not work with us in the store on a regular basis; he only comes in about every five weeks to check up on us and see how we’re doing. (Well, more like to yell at us but I’ll get into that later.) Before today, I had always thought of him as a relatively understanding and friendly person. Well, after today, not anymore!
Anyway, yesterday A came in with another manager and spent a short time at the store, which was strange. Today, I arrived at work and A was there and looked to be evaluating the store. My direct manager didn’t look too good so I was kind of worried. As it turned out, we were very short staffed for the shift and he had to call in several people to start work earlier than their scheduled time. To add salt to the wound, we were unexpectedly extremely busy today. Not only that, at a time when we needed more people to work, A needed to discuss something with my manager, so they were gone for what seemed like days. It was so busy that I don’t even remember when was the last time I worked this hard and on an empty stomach, no less! Long story short, we were swamped so A had to stay longer at the store to help us out. During the shift, I conversed with A in the form of small talks and commented to A about how I’m a bit tired. And so, he offered to cover for me so that I can take a water break. I drank my water and went back to continue working at the position but A said, “You’re back, already?! That break was too short so take a few more minutes and then come back.” I thought, “Wow, how nice of him!” When I came back, A said that he felt tired already even though he had only been working at the position for few minutes. He also commented that he couldn’t imagine doing this everyday and wondered how we can work the position everyday. When it slowed down a little bit, A went into the office to write up his evaluation. After he completed the evaluation, he smiled and said “bye” to everyone. In my opinion based on working there for quite a long time, I believed we handled the rush relatively good, considering the situation. Little did I know, what I thought was not even close to what was written on the evaluation and the things that were said by A afterward.
A short while after A left the store, there was a phone call for my manager and lo and behold, it was A on the other line. My manager took the phone call and came back looking pissed! Not knowing the whole situation and what was said between the two of them, I made a stupid comment which I now regret saying.
During the mid afternoon, when the night shift was starting, I saw a few new associates coming in to work. Since there were now plenty of people working and it wasn’t that busy, I was sent home early. When my co-worker took over my position for me, he said, “Wow, I didn’t know I was allowed to be at this position anymore after what happened!” Puzzled, I asked him what he meant by that. He told me that apparently, A said that the associates who work this position at the store couldn’t handle the rush, so A called in associates from other stores who can handle the work. I was in disbelief and had that “Huh?! What the heck?!” look on my face as I couldn’t believe that A actually had made that comment. Looking for confirmation, I talked to my manager. Unfortunately, it was true! I read the evaluation and it was not just bad, it was horrible. According to my manager, A called in after he left the store and said that unless the associates work the position like a certain associate, whom I shall refer to as mini A, we were deemed as “not good enough.” I’ve observed and worked with mini A several times and he is not that great. All he has going for him is speed, minus the quality. Upon hearing this, I was furious! Furious! Why am I angry? I’m angry because of the crappy standard that we were being compared to. To be touting and emphasizing quality at meetings, reciting “quality over speed” while training new associates, and having the word “quality” in the store’s slogan, how ironic and downright sad that A gave mini A such high marks when he doesn’t work with mini A on a regular basis and evaluated the rest of us as “not good enough.” In addition, I’m disappointed because I realized what kind of a person A is. Like a coin, he has two faces. A superficial happy face when he smiles at you and then turns around and stabs you in the back. If he thought that we weren’t doing a good job while he was at the store, then tell us to our faces what we did wrong and how we could improve. Don’t leave and then call the store to tell our manager and having us hear it from our manager. That’s just shady, cowardice, and wrong! As of today, I lost all respect for A.
In summary, everytime I encounter a bad situation in life, I would try to make something positive out of the situation by reflecting on whether I’ve gotten something out of the experience by learning a good lesson. Well, a lesson is learnt here, dear reader. I’ve learn about what kind of person A really is. Although, it was unpleasant, it was good to know. Oh and another thing, the quote that I had on the LDH banner was really applicable and helpful. “NO ONE can make you feel inferior without your permision.” Well, A, take your !@#$%^&*() elsewhere! You certainly do not have my permission. I won’t allow it!