Bi in Vietnam

A friend of mine went to Vietnam recently and took a picture Bi’s advertisement at the airport and sent it to me as a present. Haha, crazy girl! Thank you!

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Speaking of which, the teaser poster for Bi (Jung Ji Hoon)’s new movie is out!

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The teaser poster of director Park Chan Wook’s new movie Cyborg jiman gwenchanah (Cyborg but okay) was revealed with the two main cast, Lim Soo Jeong and Jeong Ji Hoon.

The photo shoot for the teaser poster took place on Jeong Ji Hoon’s birthday this past 25th of June. The poster features the main catchphrase ‘This Year’s Couple of Shinsegye Mental Hospital’ along with Lim Soo Jeong’s cunning smile and Jeong Ji Hoon proudly wearing a peculiar paper mask.

Cyborg jiman gwenchanah (Cyborg but okay) is a romantic comedy drawing the love story of a girl that believes she is a cyborg (played by Lim Soo Jeong) and a guy who says it doesn’t matter if she is a cyborg (played by Jeong Ji Hoon). The movie is scheduled to be released in early December.
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doozy: I’m definitely looking forward to this movie! The teaser poster looks oddly happy, but I guess it fits the movie since the movie takes place in a mental institution.