Park Si Yeon New Pics

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Credits: isplus/ lovekoreastar
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doozy: Since the blog’s name is inspired by My Girl, I’m making this post to show support to all four main cast members. “Mukgu-fied” has featured Lee Dong Wook, Lee Da Hae, Lee Joon Ki, and now, Park Si Yeon. My favorite picture from this set is the sixth one. She looks very pretty!


Alone in Love Episode 2: The Mysterious Man

Episode 2

dang shin eh haeng oon eul dol ryuh deu rib ni da – Alone in Love OST

Last episode, Eun Ho unintentionally embarassed Dong Jin in public. Hence, at the beginning of episode 2, Dong Jin plans to introduce Eun Ho to a man that has all the characteristics that she dislikes as a way to take revenge. However, his plan falls flat because on the meeting date, the new man is not who Dong Jin thought he would be.

The mysterious man

Who is he? Well for now, we know him as Min Hyeon Joong, a person who has met Eun Ho previously on her wedding day to Dong Jin. However, Eun Ho has no recollection of ever meeting him. She goes through her wedding photos and discovers that he was actually there. Hyeon Joong remembers many particular things about Eun Ho even though it has been a few years since the wedding day. During this time, there is an incident at Eun Ho’s gym. Someone has been stealing Eun Ho’s underwear from her locker. Thus, she misunderstood that Hyeon Joong is that stalker. Eun Ho is worried and calls Dong Jin out to tell him about her troubles. Concerned for Eun Ho, Dong Jin and Dr. Gong go to Hyeon Joong’s workplace to spy on him. This leads to a hilarious scene!

As it turns out, Hyeon Joong is not the stalker and while helping Eun Ho catch the real stalker, he is hurt. Thus, Eun Ho accompanies him to the hospital. In the meantime, Dong Jin is trying to get a hold of Eun Ho to tell her about what he has found out about this new man but is unable to contact her since she left her phone at the gym and Ji Ho doesn’t want to pick up the home phone. Desperate, he calls Hyeon Joong’s phone only to hear Eun Ho’s voice on the other line and at the same time, a nurse saying “Room 407.” Not knowing that they are at the hospital, Dong Jin thinks that it is a hotel room number and that they are spending the night together. In disbelief, he stays up all night!

The next morning, he goes to Eun Ho’s workplace to ask slyly about last night’s event, telling her that she shouldn’t be “so easy or else her value will drop.” They then have their usual sarcastic banter. It is here that Dong Jin meets Eun Ho’s childhood friend Kim Mi Yeon. This is a funny scene because when Mi Yeon walks in, all Dong Jin could focus on is her “chest area.” And Eun Ho gives the “eesh, typical man” type of facial expression. While this is happening, Eun Ho narrates that she begins to regret introducing them to each other.

Not able to get a clear answer from Eun Ho about whether or not Hyeon Joong and her slept together, Dong Jin’s mind is preoccupied the whole time he is at work. He is extremely bothered about what he thinks has happened between Hyeon Joong and Eun Ho. However, after getting a call from Dr. Gong (who used food to bribe Ji Ho for information) about what really happened on the previous night, Dong Jin is happy again.

New Characters

Na Yu Ri (a.k.a. “Demon in Black”)
She is Eun Ho’s friend. They met when she went to Eun Ho’s gym for help with her knee problem. She wrestles for fun and is known as “Demon in Black” in the wrestling ring.

Kim Mi Yeon
She is from Eun Ho’s hometown and was her childhood friend. They meet again at the gym when Eun Ho is teaching a swim class. She is able to recognize Mi Yeon because Mi Yeon’s daughter looks exactly like her when she was little.

Tarzan and Jane
A very funny scene in this episode that also brings up an interesting point. Do most, if not all, women like to be saved by a big, strong man; be it consciously or subconsciously?

This scene made laugh out loud because Le Ha Na (the actress who plays Ji Ho) is hilarious and has great comedic timing!

JH = Ji Ho | DG = Dr. Gong

JH: That guy, Min Hyeon Joong saved Unni yesterday.
That’s it.
You know Tarzan, right?

DG: The one in movies?

JH: Yes.
Why does Jane like Tarzan so much?
“Please help me, Tarzan!”
Because of these words, he will surely go to her right away. Uh uuuuhhhhhh uhhhhh uhhhh uhhhh uhhhh! (You know that sound that Tarzan makes while pounding at his chest? Ji Ho makes the same sound while telling Dr. Gong her theory.)
“Don’t worry, Jane!”
To whichever guy that had saved her before.
She is destined to be attracted to that guy.
Batman, Superman, Spiderman…
Why do all these similar stories able to adapt to movies all the time?
Is it because these women have the mentality to feel protected?
It’ll stimulate that thing.
That’s right, I’d get attracted by those kinds of men too if it was me.

DG: Who?

JH: Justice Bao.
When Justice Bao says, “Open the beheading knife!”
My whole body cells were jumping with life.
(She is spitting a little when she said this, which makes it even funnier! Dr. Gong almost choked up when she says this. Ji Ho gets turned on when Justice Bao says that line! Haha!)
Special thanks to WITH S2 for providing the English subtitles.

doozy: Episode 2 shows that Dong Jin still worries and cares deeply for Eun Ho, which makes me think whether or not he’s aware of his feelings. If he isn’t, then he’ll know eventually. However, if he is aware, then what is it that’s keeping them from reuniting?