Bi (Rain) in Esquire Magazine

Hotness! Please excuse me while I go wipe the drool off my face…

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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Part 1

Looks: Jang Seo Hee
Is this the same actress who was in Love Hymn and before that, Mermaid Girl? If it is her, then she looks quite young for her age. I was surprised to discover that she’s in her thirties.

Favorite: Lee Young Ae
I discovered Lee Young Ae only after watching Dae Jang Geum. After that, I searched for her previous works and saw her in the movie One Fine Spring Day. I didn’t really get this movie. Perhaps it was too deep and intellectual for my taste. I don’t know. I also watched LYA in Sympathy for Lady Vengeance and was really surprised at her transformation as this came after Dae Jang Geum. She was very good in this movie.
LYA is also another actress who looks great for her age.

Looks: Song Yoon Ah
Some of you might say, “ah, why her? Why not Choi Ji Woo or Kim Sun Ah, etc.?” Well, I chose SYA because from what I’ve read about the other actresses on this list, she’s natural, plastic-free. I don’t know much about Kim Min. Has she had any professional alterations?

Favorite: Kim Sun Ah
I love her in My Name is Kim Sam Soon. She was great in that drama. I also checked out her previous works such as She’s On Duty and S Diary and like her in those movies as well. She can pull off comedy and drama. Very versatile.

Looks: Kim Hee Sun
I don’t like Kim Hee Sun. It pains me to put her name here but hey, I must be somewhat objective, right?!

Favorite: Kim Ha Neul
I like her in comedic roles such as those in My Tutor Friend with Kwon Sang Woo and Too Beautiful To Lie with Kand Dong Won. She’s cute, funny, and loads of charisma.
I’m currently watching 101st Proposal and I’m starting to like Park Sun Young. The picture in this list does not do her justice. She’s quite a pretty lady.

Looks: Kim Hyun Joo

Favorite: None
[Perhaps Kim Hyun Joo in here as well. She was hilarious in Miss Kim’s Million Dollar Quest.]

Looks: Lee Hyori
I haven’t watched much of her performance and am not really familiar with her music. I just know that she was a member of the popular music group FINKL. I’ve seen many of her pictures and have to say that she has one of the sweetest smiles.

Favorite: Lee Bo Young
I saw in Save the Last Dance for Me and she was annoying as hell, due to her character and over-the-top facial expressions. However, after finishing Mr. Goodbye, my impression of her changed. Now, she’s not that bad.
Ha Ji Won is cool too.

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Note: These are my own opinions. If they don’t match with yours, then geez… I really don’t know what to say.

Two of My Favorite Girls

Lee Da Hae’s commercials

BC Card (new)

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BC Card (old)

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Kimchi Cooler 1

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Kimchi Cooler 2

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Nam Sang Mi’s commercials

Soju 1

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Soju 2

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Korea Film Festival to Be Held in China

The Korean Film Festival will be held in Beijing and Shanghai from Friday through Sunday, after the CJ China Film Festival was held in the two biggest Korean cities of Seoul and Busan last month. The festivals are expected to facilitate exchange between the Korean and Chinese film industries.

The Korean Film Festival will focus on highlighting diversity in Korean movies, while the Chinese Film Festival put an emphasis on introducing works by new-generation Chinese directors.

Ten movies to be shown at the festival are: My Boss, My Teacher, The Big Scene, You’re My Sunshine, All for Love, A Moment to Remember, My Brother, Arahan, The Memories of Murder, Classis, and The Warrior.

Director Kim Seong-soo of The Restless and actor Jung Woo-sung and actress Kim Tae-hee, who starred in the movie, will serve as the festival’s promotional ambassadors. The venues are CGV Multiplex Cinema in Shanghai and Stellar Cinema City and Wangfujing Cinema City in Beijing.

Hosted jointly by the Korea Film Council and China’s State Administration of Radio, Film, Television, the event is expected to serve as an opportunity to reveal the secrets of the recent renaissance of Korean films and promote their originality.
Source: KBS Global

War of Flower Enters Box-office’s Top-10

The movie War of Flower, based on the same-titled cartoon by cartoonist Heo Young-man, has joined the ranks of top-10 domestic movies.

Since its opening September 28, the film had drawn 5.68 million viewers as of October 22, according to its distributor, CJ Entertainment, surpassing the number of viewers drawn by Married to Mafia (5.66 million). If the film’s popularity remains as high, it will likely even outperform Joint Security Area, which is currently ranked ninth at 5.83 million viewers.

Viewers have been raving about the film for the stunning acting of its lead actress Kim Hye-soo and the impressive directing skills of director Choi Dong-hoon.

Another film, Radio Star by director Lee Jun-ik, which opened October 19, has also gained enormous popularity through word-of-mouth and is about to record its two millionth viewer. The film’s distributor, Cinema Service, says the film ranks second or third among domestic movies in terms of booking rate.
Source: KBS Global

Fantasy Couple

Official Website

Soompi Thread

Oh Ji Ho
Han Ye Seul
Kim Sung Min
Park Han Byul

Oh Ji Ho and Han Yeh Seul will costar in the weekend drama Couple of Fantasy scheduled to be aired by MBC on 10/14 following the final episode of Rude Women. Actor Kim Sung Min (aka Kim Sung Taek) and actress Park Han Byul also perform in the drama.

This drama, based on the Hollywood movie Overboard starring Goldie Hawn and Curt Russell released in 1987, portrays a rich woman and a daring construction engineer’s love story. The script writers are the duo Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran (the Hong sisters) who wrote for popular dramas Sassy Girl Choon Hyang and My Girl. The PD is Kim Sang Ho whose previous work was the drama Secret Man and Woman.

OJH plays the role Jang Chul Soo who is a shameless money-lover. HYS plays an immodest rich woman Ana Jo who is vivid and comical. Ana Jo lost memory after an accident and becomes poor. Then she and the construction engineer Chul Soo develop love relationship. PHB plays the role Yoo Kyung Eun who is a teacher of elementary school. KSM plays Ana Jo’s husband.
Source: WITH S2

doozy: From the writers of My Girl? How exciting. This sounds like it’s going to be a fun ride!

Ha Ji-won Speaks Up for Chosun-Era Gisaeng

It isn’t until the setting sun makes the shadows grow long on the set of Hwang Jin-I, the KBS 2 historical drama that took a staggering 20 percent of the viewing rate at its debut, that Ha Ji-won can settle down for a moment’s rest. “This is the first time that I have felt jealous during acting,” she says. “The charisma of a world-class beauty, the intellect to keep her on a par with the scholars in a poetry contest: there was nowhere she was lacking. More than anything else, she didn’t give in to the pressure of her class or of the era in which she was born. She took the life she was given and lived it in an admirable way.”

To the brassy question, “Aren’t gisaeng just the girls who pour the liquor?” the actress kept her cool: “You can look at it that way, but they were at once entertainers and artists.” “Nowadays you can see celebrities on TV and on stage, but in the Chosun period it was the gisaeng that filled that role,” she said. “But they did have to pour the drinks, and sometimes they had to give their bodies, and since they could never love easily, their lives were often filled with pain.”

Through the role, the actress is living the arduous life of a Chosun-era entertainer for herself. “There was one extra who cried real tears during the shooting of a scene where their feet were bound and strung upside to perform a dance,” she recalls. “Physically and mentally, the life of the gisaeng is hard.”

And she added, “For a female entertainer, the closest companion is pain.” Asked if there is a line like that in the drama, Ha smiles. “Yes, it’s a line from the fourth episode. Since I’m going through the joys and sorrows felt by the gisaeng throughout the drama, certain lines speak to my heart word for word.” Ha is an actress who has a wide range of room to be analyzed. In an industry full of stars who have finely chiseled noses and wide eyes, Ha looks like the girl next door. Ironically it was that ordinariness that helped her to grow into a top class actor on the big and small screen. Most of the characters she played in some way broke the mold, and it was possible because of an appearance that can become any character as well as her fine dramatic craft.

For Ha, a drama requiring her to embody traditional feminine beauty is both an opportunity and a risk. “As you know, I don’t have a pretty doll-like face, nor do I have a lot of charisma. But because of that, I can fit better into various types of characters. I often wish I were prettier, though.” In the drama she refused to use a double for the tightrope walk scene. She set up a rope in the yard of her house and learned herself over the course of two weeks. “I felt like I lack something, and that’s why I always want to learn. Interestingly, whenever I want to learn something, there comes the chance to shoot a movie or drama related to it. When I started to get interested in dance, I ended up starring in Duelist, which allowed me to learn both ballet and tango. Do you think I have some sort of psychic power? It’s scary.”

doozy: Ha Ji Won sounds very modest and down-to-earth. “… nor do I have a lot of charisma.” What is she talking about? She does charisma because although she doesn’t have the most gorgeous face, she has that special appeal that makes her interesting to watch onscreen.

New Cast for Goong 2 Announced

Clockwise: Se7en, Huh Yi Jae, Kang Du, and Park Shin Hye

Singer Se7en (Choi Dong Wook), Huh Yi Jae, Kang Du, and Park Shin Hye are selected to lead the drama Palace 2 scheduled to be aired by MBC early next year.

Supporting cast including Kim Hye Ja, Yoon Yoo Sun, and Park Chan Hwan will once again collaborate in this drama. The filming is scheduled to begin in November.

In this drama, Se7en plays the role Lee Hoo who is a delightful and optimistic young man living a carefree life before he is suddenly informed that he will succeed the throne. Lee Hoo’s partner, who grew up with him since childhood, is played by HYJ. After the revelation of the fact of the royal family, she starts her cautious life in the palace. Kangdu plays the role Lee Joon who has been on the orthodox elite path and is a candidate to become the emperor. PSH plays the role Shin Se Ryung who is beautiful and has superior capability. Se Ryung is the only child of a noble family and is ambitious to become the empress. HYJ’s latest project was the movie Dirty Carnival and PSH’s previous drama was Tree of Heaven.
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How Hwang PD came about casting the 4 leads

Lee Ho- Se7en (Choi Dong Wook)’s guesting story

Hwang PD said that he saw se7en in a music video wearing heelys 4 years ago for the first time and thought he was really cute then. Although when the guesting of goong 2 came about, he had already thought se7en would match the character but coz he was too successful of a gasoo, it seemed like that he would not be able to fit in se7en’s schedule. But then they found out that Se7en’s side had some interest in it and so a meeting was arranged. Hwang PD says that not only is se7en’s image suitable, but his humble attitude left a big impression on him. When they were talking, he found out about the stories about the period before his debut and even though he’s young, because he’s had a 6 year period to mature, he thinks that se7en can do anything.

Se7en’s comment

I am nervous and anxious just like my debut 4 years ago as gasoo “Se7en”. Although the title of actor “Choi Dong wook” is still not familiar, my biggest weapon is that i’m hardworking, and I will give my all. Music, acting, I will not neglect either and will become a reborn (?) se7en with a new challenge. Please watch out for me.

Yang Soon Ae- Huh Lee Jae’s guesting story

Hwang PD says that Huh lee jae was no. 1 on the list of ppl who matched the image of the character. Before the audition, all the pictures of her were of her smiling. A clean and clear image and the innocence that a newcomer gives off is her most attractive point. Both se7en and Huh Lee Jae give off the same feeling- clear and clear feeling but like the waters of Sullaksan(mountain in Korea), clear and clean but cannot see how deep it is.

Huh Lee Jae’s comment

I had alot of fun watching Goong and i didnt know i would be this lucky to be able to join Goong 2. When i saw the role of Yang soon ae during the audition, i thought that the character was similar to me and although i was anticipating… i was really surprised and very happy. In order to live up to the director who believes in me and also for Goong 2 to receive lots of support, I will try my best.

Lee Joon- Kang Doo’s guesting story

Hwang PD: My links with Kang doo go way back. I saw him first when he was part of the duet “Jadu”, his image then became really different so I became curious and decided to use him for Han Bum drama. Kang Doo possesses the aura which is needed to express Lee Joon’s unique emotional world. He’s already been in the business for 5-6 years and before he debuted he was also in an underground band, so he definitely has the strength to be an actor.

Kang Doo’s comment

I am happy that i can start as an actor with Goong 2. I really thank director who is giving me a good chance to venture into something that even i dont know well myself. I hope everyone can watch out for me now not as Kang Doo but as “Lee Joon’/ I will try my best for the fans who have been waiting for Goong 2 so that u’s wont be disappointed.

Shin Sae Ryong- Park Shin Hye’s guesting story

Hwang PD says that the first time he met Park Shin Hye was at the set of Bichunmoo and then, Park Shin Hye was still in junior high. Despite her young age, the look she possessed in her eyes as an actor was clear and strong. Actually she was recommended for Goong part 1 as well but because she was too young, she would have had problems playing against the other leads. Meeting her after 1 year, she seemed to have matured. She is the one with the most acting experience in the 4 and therefore there are alot of expectations. The character Shin Sae Ryong is a person who is stuck between love and desire and is aggressive and difficult. Although she is young, she is one who has the conditions to turn into a shining star.

Park Shin Hye’s comment

“When i’m confronted with myself in TV, I’m still uncomfortable and shy. I will try my best for those who gave me this precious chance, not in order to become someone but with a genuine and true heart. I will meet everyone not as Park Shin Hye but as “Shin Sae Ryong.”
Source: Newsen
Translation by: Cecilia

doozy: When news broke that the main cast of Goong would not take part in the sequel, many fans were disappointed. But life goes on… This time, the sequel is titled Prince Hours as opposed to Princess Hours because instead of a regular, “average” girl entering the palace, Se7en will play the male-equivalent of Chae Gyung.

Appearance-wise, the original cast is more of eye-candy material than this one. Se7en as the prince? With that haircut, perhaps boy-next-door. But royal highness, hm… I don’t think so. And no, that is not Kim Tae Hui’s younger sister, although they do resemble each other. Who the heck is Kang Du? He looks so out-of-place in that picture. Kim Jung Hoon wins by a long stretch.

Talent-wise, regarding the new cast, I’ll keep my expectations low in case of disappointment. This time, again, we have another group of young-uns, with the exception of Park Shin Hye (If you haven’t seen Tree of Heaven, she was the young Choi Ji Woo in Stairway to Heaven) who are new to this thing called acting. From what I’ve seen of Park Shin Hye, she’s a decent young actor so no worries there. As for the rest of the new cast, let’s just simply hope that they’re not that bad.

I kind of feel bad for this new cast because there’s probably alot of pressure to live up to since Goong was so popular. We’ll wait and see how they do. Cross your fingers, everyone.

(It’s interesting that PSH is casted in this sequel because recently, she was in a photoshoot for a clothing catalog with Joo Ji Hoon who played Prince Lee Shin in Goong.)

Rain (Bi) Vol. 4: Rain’s World *updated*

I’m gorgeous, I know. My body is a work of art!

Song List


Promotional MV

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“I’m Coming” Live Performance on SBS

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“Move On”

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Translations: ca0825 @ biwithrain (Japanese to Chinese) and Rayndrop (Chinese to English)
Subbed by: jay_jay

The Evolution of Bi

Vol. 1- “Bad Man”

What is the “bad man” trying to run away from? His captors, loan sharks, or simply… bad hair? None of the above. He is “running away from the sun”…

Vol. 2- “How to Escape from the Sun”

I love the guitar intro. This is one of my most favorite songs.

With the success of his two previous albums and a hit television drama (Full House), Bi’s popularity is soaring. He’s so famous that in order to avoid the lenses of paparazzi, he uses a big rig truck as a mode of transportation to his concert. He wears a long fur coat to represent his status, wealth, and spite for little furry animals. (Okay, perhaps no to the last one..) At his performance, people are chanting his name, “Rain, go Rain. It’s raining!”

Vol. 3- “It’s Raining”

Japan, are you ready? Here I come!

Special thanks to Lanice for uploading the MVs and subbing teams for the subtitles.

Weather forecast: Rain in the USA?

Rain is going to release his 5th album (World Wide version) in the 2nd half of 2007, mainly targeting at USA and the rest of the world.

According to Rain’s recent interview by Starnews, “5th album will be released next year as world wide version, as it’s part of the plan to enter USA market…” “Mini concerts will be held to release of new songs, and combined with World Wide…. The event(s) shall be organised in S. Korea and other countries…” Rain added, “The initial stage of brain-storming for 5th album was completed..” So let’s look forward to it.

Rain also mentioned that this album mainly includes English songs so that it can be simultaneously released in S. Korea and overseas markets. It is a totally different concept compared to License Album. “Like what I normally did in the past: Conceptualization for 4th album was done during the release of 3rd album… Therefore we have the ideas for next album after the release of 4th album.” said Rain.

Rain’s World was officially released on Oct 13, and created 100,000 copies of sales record in first day! The figure is still going up indeed. In the meantime, Rain began his publicity activities from MBC SHOW! Music Centre on Oct 14.
Source: Chosun & Starnews
Chi translation: irbi@BiwithRain
Up by mandy@rainhk
Eng translation: jjbug@rain-malaysia
Credit: nana555@Bi’s Kingdom (, khanakham, Kdrama, and heygingersnap @ Soompi

doozy: This new album concept of Bi being a some sort of supernatural god/superhero who is going to save the world from death and destruction is… a little over-the-top. And what is with this military theme? He’s trying to expand global, especially into the US music industry, but with the current political situation with the war and all, is this new image/concept going to help or hurt his goals?
Appearance-wise, he looks great! I like the new haircut and love the tanned, well-built body.
Music-wise, from the several songs that I’ve heard, it’s okay. I prefer “It’s Raining” over “I’m Coming.” Although “Move On” is a good song, I still like his previous albums more.
In any case, I wish him the best of success in his quest for “global domination!”