It’s October…

Say goodbye to Fall and hello to Winter.

Wah~ Time goes by so fast! Where did September go? The new month brings with it several changes. For one, the weather is starting to be colder. Some are starting new careers *wink*, while I’m stressfully waiting for decisions that may potential change my life.

Anyway, a new banner for a new month. Do you like it?


Ha Ji-won’s Beauty to Brighten Walls in Cannes

The giant, strikingly beautiful face of Ha Ji-won will adorn walls all over Cannes during the international audiovisual content market show MIPCOM 2006 running there from Oct 9-13, the posters advertising the historical TV drama Hwang Jin-I.

KBS Media, which is involved in bringing Korean pop culture to foreign audiences, says at the main entrance to the largest venue, the Palais des Festivals, will be a large visual from the early days of shooting the story of the famous Chosun-era gisaeng (female entertainer).

But those involved are trying to persuade MIPCOM to switch those images of the actress for a newer one, which they think is even more stunning: it depicts her lying down and looking over her shoulder with a decorative wig on her head and clad in a jeogori (short jacket).

Those in charge of the PR for Hwang Jin-I say they plan to unveil a total of five posters, and they have already heard from people who want to buy the series.

doozy: Wow, the poster is so colorful and beautiful! The red really stands out. Upon first glance, I couldn’t even tell that it is Ha Ji Won. She looks really different in the poster.