Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Part 1

Looks: Jang Seo Hee
Is this the same actress who was in Love Hymn and before that, Mermaid Girl? If it is her, then she looks quite young for her age. I was surprised to discover that she’s in her thirties.

Favorite: Lee Young Ae
I discovered Lee Young Ae only after watching Dae Jang Geum. After that, I searched for her previous works and saw her in the movie One Fine Spring Day. I didn’t really get this movie. Perhaps it was too deep and intellectual for my taste. I don’t know. I also watched LYA in Sympathy for Lady Vengeance and was really surprised at her transformation as this came after Dae Jang Geum. She was very good in this movie.
LYA is also another actress who looks great for her age.

Looks: Song Yoon Ah
Some of you might say, “ah, why her? Why not Choi Ji Woo or Kim Sun Ah, etc.?” Well, I chose SYA because from what I’ve read about the other actresses on this list, she’s natural, plastic-free. I don’t know much about Kim Min. Has she had any professional alterations?

Favorite: Kim Sun Ah
I love her in My Name is Kim Sam Soon. She was great in that drama. I also checked out her previous works such as She’s On Duty and S Diary and like her in those movies as well. She can pull off comedy and drama. Very versatile.

Looks: Kim Hee Sun
I don’t like Kim Hee Sun. It pains me to put her name here but hey, I must be somewhat objective, right?!

Favorite: Kim Ha Neul
I like her in comedic roles such as those in My Tutor Friend with Kwon Sang Woo and Too Beautiful To Lie with Kand Dong Won. She’s cute, funny, and loads of charisma.
I’m currently watching 101st Proposal and I’m starting to like Park Sun Young. The picture in this list does not do her justice. She’s quite a pretty lady.

Looks: Kim Hyun Joo

Favorite: None
[Perhaps Kim Hyun Joo in here as well. She was hilarious in Miss Kim’s Million Dollar Quest.]

Looks: Lee Hyori
I haven’t watched much of her performance and am not really familiar with her music. I just know that she was a member of the popular music group FINKL. I’ve seen many of her pictures and have to say that she has one of the sweetest smiles.

Favorite: Lee Bo Young
I saw in Save the Last Dance for Me and she was annoying as hell, due to her character and over-the-top facial expressions. However, after finishing Mr. Goodbye, my impression of her changed. Now, she’s not that bad.
Ha Ji Won is cool too.

Special thanks to ~*kYo*~ @ soompi for compiling the pictures and posting them.
Note: These are my own opinions. If they don’t match with yours, then geez… I really don’t know what to say.

One thought on “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Part 1

  1. WOW!!! they’re all gorgeous!!! knowing their years always surprises me, they all look so young.

    i like Kim Sun Ah too. she’s so lucky she gets to kiss hottt guys all the time (Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo, etc.) :-p

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