TVXQ Member Recovers from Poisoning

Yuno-yunho, a member of the boy-band TVXQ (a.k.a. DBSG) who drank a beverage containing a harmful substance on October 14 that he received from an unidentified woman, received medical attention and is currently recovering.

The group’s agency, SM Entertainment, said that Yuno-yunho received emergency treatment at St. Mary’s Hospital in Seoul and underwent a health checkup at another hospital later. The diagnosis is yet to be released but the singer is apparently doing fine. His manager, who was with him when the incident occurred, helped him vomit the drink immediately.

Yuno-yunho rested until October 15 and in the afternoon of that day cooperated with police in identifying the suspect.

Aside from the poisoned beverage, the singer also received a letter from the suspect warning him to “watch his mouth” and that “many people switch channels when TVXQ appears on TV.” The letter also called the band “arrogant” and sounded threatening. All members of the group were shocked by the incident because it apparently targeted the entire group.

TVXQ will appear on TV shows without Yuno-yunho for the time being, as it is unable to cancel its scheduled activities at this point. The group will sing its song “I’ll Be There” instead of the title song of its just-released album, because it is easier to replace Yuno-yunho in that song.
Source: KBS Global

doozy: What the..?! To dislike a celebrity is one thing but to resort to such low measures? Wow, what craziness!

Hwang Jin-Yi

Ha Ji Won (What Happened in Bali, Damo, The Duelist)
Kim Jae Won (Great Inheritance, Romance)
Lee Si Hwan (Snow World)
Ryu Tae Jun (Really Really Like You)
Jeon Mi Seon (Steam Flower)
Jang Geun Seok (Nonstop 4, Lovers in Prague)
Lee In Hye (Sassy Girl Choon Hyang, Golden Apple)

October 11, 2006 (every Wednesdays-Thursdays)


Broadcasting station

Kim Cheol-Gyu

Yoo Seon-Joo

Produced by

Source: WITH S2

doozy: The first episode aired with relatively good ratings (around 20%). I have yet to see it but will post my comments on it once I do.


Baby Lee Dong Wook

I see some similarities, especially that adorable smile!

Lee Dong Wook at the Pusan Film Festival (new pics)

Woah there, Dong Wook sshi. Easy on the gel!

Although I don’t like the new haircut, he still looks handsome.
Special thanks to ripgal @ soompi for posting the pictures.

Rain, Won Bin, Kang Dong-won Join Hands

Hallyu stars Rain, Won Bin, Kang Dong-won, Suae and Han Chae-young will set up a joint sales office at the 11th Pusan International Film Festival.

Star-J Entertainment said October 11 that four talent management agencies that manage big hallyu stars, including JYP Entertainment, Dream East On and The Man, will set up a joint sales office at the festival.

The Asian Film Market, which will debut this year, will create opportunities to share information about popular actors aside from just buying and selling films. Influential talent management agencies from both Korea and abroad are expected to install booths at the festival to promote their actors.

A person from Star-J Entertainment said that promotional activities of hallyu stars overseas that were unofficially held so far had multiple negative effects, but this event will hopefully pave the way for official and transparent business.

The sales office will be open October 15 through 18.
Source: KBS Global

Jeon Ji-hyun Snapped With Mystery Male Companion

Jeon Ji-hyun has become the target of the always persistent Hong Kong press.

Sina Dotcom’s ( Hong Kong site reported on Tuesday that Jeon Ji-hyun had been spotted out shopping with an unidentified male companion. According to the news website, Jeon recently visited the international city for pleasure. The couple were seen with another woman enjoying their time at a hot Hong Kong shopping spot. But the focus was on the man accompanying Jeon. The woman seen with Jeon looked like an assistant, but the man seemed not to be part of the actress’ staff, the Hong Kong press surmised.

The two exuded “closeness,” it said, and Jeon devoted a good amount of time to shopping for men’s clothes. Then the two settled on women’s clothes, the man reportedly paying for the new threads. Jeon was in turn by his side as he tried on various outfits.

The actress’ handlers at Sidus HQ say they are aware of the reports. “What is true is that the actress traveled to Hong Kong for a very important meeting, and has since returned. However, the person traveling with her is affiliated with the company, and it is nothing strange for a manager to travel along,” it said. Meanwhile, Sina Dotcom published detailed reports of Jeon’s other activities.

She reportedly has plans to head to the U.S. for language study, and has said that she will be attending a large-scale fan meet at the Saitama Super Arena this Nov. 7.

Alone in Love Episode 3: Happiness Index

Episode 3

Breeze – Alone in Love OST

Since Hyeong Joong injured his hand while trying to catch Eun Ho’s stalker in the previous episode, he’s going around the gym telling everyone that she is his girlfriend. The boss gathers all the employees at the gym together to scold at them about the rumors about a gym personnel dating a member. He misunderstands one of Eun Ho’s co-workers as the subject of the rumors. Eun Ho is troubled about this whole Hyeong Joon matter and asks him to stop bothering her. However, it does not work out as he still shamelessly flirts with Eun Ho.

Eun Ho’s friend Kim Mi Yeon discovered from Eun Ho that it was Dong Jin who introduced her to Hyeong Joong. Mi Yeon decides to take revenge on Dong Jin for doing that to Eun Ho. She visits his bookstore and tells him that Eun Ho wants to match-make the two of them to return the favor. In actuality, she wants to get Dong Jin drunk, seduce him, and record the whole thing to humiliate him. However, her plan doesn’t work because although he’s shallow like most men, he’s still a considerate gentleman. Instead of falling for Mi Yeon’s trap in her car, he puts a coat on her and leaves the car. As Mi Yeon watches Dong Jin, viewers get the sense that she’s starting to like him. However, she drives off leaving Dong Jin stranded in a place with no access to public transportation.

The next morning, Eun Ho is worried about Dong Jin because she heard about what happened from Mi Yeon. They meet at their usual donut shop and begin to quarrel, Eun Ho about how her work and personal life is messed up after he introduced her to Hyeong Joong and Dong Jin argues about Eun Ho and Mi Yeon’s revenge plot. They stop arguing when two pairs of mother and child sit down at the next table and the mothers are scolding their kids for always fighting with each other.

At home, Eun Ho seeks the advice of Ji Ho as to how to get rid of Hyeong Joong. Ji Ho suggests that Eun Ho shows her real personality to Hyeong Joong to make him give up because in his mind, the image that he has of Eun Ho from five years ago is probably vague and unrealistic. Eun Ho decides to meet up with Hyeong Joong to put Ji Ho’s advice into action. Hyeong Joong takes Eun Ho to a park and tells her about his original plan to woo her. It is here that we find out when Hyeong Joong met Eun Ho and why he likes her. The flashback shows that on the night before Eun Ho’s wedding, Hyeong Joong was very angry and fed up with his life; he wanted to commit suicide. He fell asleep, however, on the park bench probably because he was too drunk. In the morning, he was woken up by a woman’s voice and as he opened his eyes in the sunlight, he saw a very happy Eun Ho. He asked her whether she was happy and when she answered “yes,” he asked her why. Eun Ho replied, “I’m happy because I’m alive.” Seeing that Hyeong Joong was depressed upon leaving the park, Eun Ho asked him to place his hand on the left side of his chest to feel his heart beating. She told him that since her happiness index was high today, she would share some of her happiness with him. Eun Ho’s optimism and encouragement lifted his spirit and saved his life. Now, Hyeong Joong asks Eun Ho whether her marriage was unhappy because he took some of her happiness. He says that he’ll take responsibility for that and Eun Ho laughs.

In the meantime, Dr. Gong is still trying to get Dong Jin and Eun Ho back together again. He even got Ji Ho to stalk Hyeong Joon with him by bribing her, this time not with food but with money.

In this episode, we also discover that Yu Ri (“Demon in Black”) is also Dong Jin’s friend. She goes to Dong Jin’s bookstore to sell tickets for her upcoming wrestling match and greets him with a painful headlock, her way of saying “hi.” Everyone attends the match, which, by the way, is very violent. The “Demon in Black” is winning in the beginning but loses to the “Angel” at the end. When Yu Ri is laying in the ring after she is knocked down, we can see that she is starting to feel tired of this hobby because it is taking too much of her energy and stamina.

After the wrestling competition, they meet up at the usual bar. It is here that the drunk Mi Yeon brings up the awkward and uncomfortable question about why did Dong Jin and Eun Ho break up. No clear answer is given. Also, Hyeong Joon declares here that he wants to date Eun Ho as a prelude to marriage.

Hilarious/Quirky Moments

1. At the bar in the beginning of the episode, Dr. Gong is telling Dong Jin that Eun Ho might fall for Hyeong Joon because since ancient times, women have always fell for the heroic men that saved them from danger. Dr. Gong references the example of how Jane fell for Tarzan and Dong Jin replies, “Of course. Would you like her to fall for the cheetah?!”
Then Dong Jin asks Dr. Gong about why he’s single and always seems to have plenty of free time. Dong Jin asks whether he is gay. At this moment, the bar’s chef who has been busy with his work perks up at the suggestion. However, when Dr. Gong replies that he loves women more than anything, the chef looks disappointed. Aw.. This scene is fast, only lasting around a minute or so but I find it funny. Watch it and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

2. Any scene with Ji Ho. Have I mention enough how much I like this character? Well, here goes one more time. I love this character!

The Lovely Nam Sang Mi

These are new pictures from one of my favorite actresses. I really miss seeing her onscreen! If you don’t know who she is, then first, pinch yourself for haven’t discover this talent yet and second, check out some of her works such as The Sweet Spy and Bad Family. Personally, I recommend Bad Family.

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Special thanks to jahye and suejinners @ soompi for posting the pictures.

Movies for Long Chusok Holiday

By Kim Tae-jong
Staff Reporter (The Korea Times)

To celebrate the Chusok holiday, millions of people are expected to hit the roads to their hometowns enduring severe traffic congestion. But with longer leaves from work this year, many people will also be spending the holiday at theaters.

“As the holiday is longer than ever, we expect to have more moviegoers, maybe double the average,” said Kim Min-ji, PR analyst at CJ CGV, the nation’s biggest multiplex theater chain. “Since the lineup seems quite attractive, we think there are many people who will visit theaters more than twice during the holiday.”

As Chusok is traditionally one of the most lucrative seasons for the film industry, many films have been released to attract holidaymakers. Local theaters are holding various events along with offering discounts.

About 10 movies are now showing at theaters, and most of them are Korean movies. If you are not sure what to see, here is some information on the movies showing.

Maundy Thursday (Wuridului Haengbokhan Sigan)

This tearjerker made a successful debut drawing over 2 million moviegoers in under two weeks since its release on Sept. 14, and it is still going strong.

Directed by Song Hae-sung and starring the handsome Kang Dong-won and the lovely Lee Na-young, the film seems to be a typical love story, but it actually deals with the controversial issue of the death penalty through characters leading a marginalized life. It may disappoint audiences who expect to see a regular melodrama.

The story revolves around Yun-su (played by Kang), a convicted killer on death row, who befriends Yu-jung (Lee), when she visits him with at the prison with her aunt, a nun. Yu-jung has made repeated suicide attempts due to a troubled youth. As the seemingly extreme relationship further develops, they help each other heal.

Marrying the Mafia 3 (Kamunui Yonggwang 3)

The film is the third installment of the popular gangster comedy series. The rest of the series all have opened around Chusok, achieving huge success. Will the new film outdo its predecessors?

The members from the second installment teamed up once again for the new film, including director Jung Yong-ki and actors Shin Hyun-jun, Kim Won-hee and Kim Su-mi, bringing little that is new since the second film.

But the new film has appealing elements to those who seek something far from serious, given the fact that it attracted some 1.2 million viewers within four days of being released.

The story takes off with the family matriarch, Mrs. Hong, her star prosecutor daughter-in-law and the rest of the family launching a kimchi-making business after putting an end to their days of organized crime. But they face a crisis as their enemies prepare to take revenge on the Hongs.

Tazza: The High Roller (Tajja)

Often seen during the Chusok holiday are family members and relatives gathering around playing “Go-stop,” a Korean card game, with small stakes. But more fatal gambling is depicted in this film.

Despite the risks that the film takes, such as running two hours and 20 minutes and the rating of “18 and over,” it appears to be the strongest competitor at the box office attracting over 1.3 million moviegoers since its release on Sept. 27.

Directed by Choi Dong-hun, the film is an adaptation of a hit comedy series by Hur Young-man. Veteran actors such as Cho Seung-woo, Kim Hye-soo, Baek Yoon-sik and Yoo Hae-jin bring life to their counterparts from the original series.

The film revolves around Ko-ni (by Cho), an ordinary factory worker at a furniture company, who loses everything overnight at a gambling table and decides to become a top professional gambler to get back what he lost.

Radio Star

Lee Joon-ik, director of the nation’s second most viewed film “King and the Clown,” is back with this human drama.

To present another successful touching story, two veteran actors Park Joong-hun and Ahn Sung-ki, who have maintained an intimate friendship for decades in real life, join the film.

However, despite the high expectation and positive reviews, the film made a disappointing debut, drawing some 0.2 million nationwide.

The film is a story about a rocker who was a huge star in his heyday but is pushed to host a small radio show in the countryside. It sheds light on the decade long friendship between the rock star and his personal manager.

The Fox Family (Kumiho Kajok).

If you like the 1979 American cult film Rocky Horror Picture Show, you would love its Korean version. The film aims to present unique tastes combining different genres including musical, horror and cult.

Directed by Lee Hyung-gon, the movie takes the motif from the ghastly Korean tale of “kumiho,” a fox with nine tails that desperately yearns to become human but can only do so by gobbling up the livers of 100 unfortunate souls.

But different from the scary original, the film revolves around a wacky kumiho family, who struggle to become a human while they run a circus with their tricks and magical powers.

The Banquet and Project BB

With the strong domination of local films at the box office during the holiday, two Chinese films The Banquet and Project BB are attracting moviegoers with their distinguishing charms.

The Banquet is regarded as a loose adaptation of Hamlet. It is directed by Feng Xiagang and starring China’s top actress Ziyi Zhang, and it is interesting to see how Asian actors recreate the Western classic with Asian touches.

Set in a Chinese empire in chaos, the film revolves around the emperor, empress, prince, and other high officials in the kingdom have their own enemies they want to eliminate at a night banquet.

Jackie Chan, who has often greeted Korean fans with his films during Chusok holiday, is back with his latest film Project BB.

The martial arts star shows his never-to-die action skills and stunts once again for family audiences, making it hard for them to guess how old he is.

The movie revolves around a man with the addiction to gambling, who decides to kidnap a boy from a rich family for a big ransom but he actually saves him from dangerous situations.
Image credit: various sources

doozy: I’ve seen the two previous movies of the Marrying the Mafia franchise and I enjoyed them. Hence, Marrying the Mafia 3 is one of the movies that I look forward to seeing. Although I’m not a fan of Zhang Ziyi, I’m also interested in watching The Banquet because it looks so grand.

Rain (Bi) Vows to Take the World by Storm

It looks like at any moment the pink T-shirt holding in his bulging muscles will be able to contain him no more: shoulders that look as if they have spread another 10 cm in the last year from a new and deeper confidence in his words and ways. K-Pop’s brightest star Rain, who will kick off a world tour at a release event for his fourth album at the main stadium at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium on Oct. 13., agreed to a chat with the Chosun Ilbo.

“What happens now will determine whether I’ll be taking a big step forward or staying where I’m at,” he says. “If you just grasp a handful of sand, it will only slip through your fingers. You need to sprinkle water on the sand to make mud, which can then become cement and be made into a building.”

“This world tour is the biggest opportunity I’ve ever had in my life,” says the pop star, who has prepared for it as much as humanly possible. The biggest difference between this and his last tour is that a top crew that has worked on the shows of all the top U.S. and U.K. stars has been assembled for the show. “Things that no Korean musician has yet been able to do are happening now,” he says. “Even when those who come to the show reach their 40s and 50s, they will automatically think of it whenever it rains, that’s the kind of masterpiece that I will make. When I was drinking with (tour) producer Jamie King, he said, ‘I’m the best there is. If I can’t make your stage the best, there’s no reason for me to be here.’ It was like a spark.”

After wrapping up his Madison Square Garden concert back in February, Rain had two choices. There was the perhaps too hasty fast track: putting together an album in English and heading guns blazing into the U.S. market. And the slower and surer option: heading back to Asia to cement his popularity with a world tour first. He went with the second option. “I thought that the first order of business should be giving a big gift back to the audiences in Asia. Towards the end of next year, I’ll officially release an album in English, and then I’d better get up on those Billboard Charts,” he says.

“I don’t have the words to express how ready I am for battle. Usually, once the curtain goes up, the roars of the audience shake me like a wave and electricity surges from head to toe. But now I’m in that state of excitement even though the concerts haven’t started.”

Rain’s ambitions as an actor are not too modest either. He recently finished work on the latest film by director Park Chan-wook, Cyborg Girl. In the midst of all that, he has also been putting together his fourth album and preparing for the tour, putting his daily schedule a long way from comfort. “I sleep for one or two hours,” he admits.

“In my days as a backup dancer, a mentor of mine who was the drummer said something that always stayed with me: ‘When you lie down in bed at night, if comfortable sleep doesn’t come to you, you haven’t put everything into your work that day.” These days, when I lie down for bed, I am often uneasy. I struggle to think of just what it is that I’ve done wrong, then finally, I just get back up and practice dancing and singing again. It seems like I may have some kind of an obsession.”

Even though Rain lives as though there are 48 hours in a day, he still meets his friends from time to time. But he confesses, “After just the first shot of Soju, I start asking myself, ‘Is it really OK for me to be messing around like this now?’ and then it is difficult for me to just enjoy small talk.” His “obsession” with work is more than your garden variety self-motivation. “Yes, I’m a workaholic.”

“When I think of how I wasn’t able to even buy a meal, or a bouquet of flowers, for my mother who left this world after she couldn’t get adequate treatment for her diabetes, I realize that I can’t spend one minute or even one second in vain,” the singer says. “People who have gone five days without food see the world with different eyes. A lot of my older friends tell me that I should spend more of my money.”

The album, to be released at the event on 13th, has his fans all over the world on pins and needles. “In places that have been ravaged by war and starvation, the falling Rain brings the sprouts of peace and love,” is the theme that was chosen to base the album around, explains the singer.

In August last year, Rain donated enough to have 50 wells built in Kampot, Cambodia. “It was such a small thing, but many people helped, so we had good results.” Recalling the Time 100 party last May, where the singer rubbed shoulders with some real big-timers, he says, “I was introduced with the phrase, ‘In North Korea there’s Kim Jong-il, in South Korea there’s Rain,’ and I was together with Condoleezza Rice and Jerry Bruckheimer, it was like a fantastic dream. I was infused with a new energy when I returned home.” Back in my days as a dancer, whenever things became overwhelming, I used to head up Mt. Namsan, he says, closing his eyes.

“Then I said to myself, ‘Someday every single one of those people down there will know my name.’ These days, when I think about the U.S., it brings back those memories. Now is only the beginning. Soon the day will come when everyone in the U.S., the home of pop music, will also recognize that Rain is the top star.”