Sohn Ye-jin Wins 1st Best Lead Actress Award

Actress Sohn Ye-jin has received her first best actress award at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival, which was held in Taipei, Taiwan, for her role in the movie April Snow.

A person from Sohn’s agency said the actress was overwhelmed with happiness to be honored with the award, and that even the agency did not know that April Snow was invited to the festival. He added that the award was even more meaningless (huh?) because the movie was filmed in cold winter weather and included many teary scenes..

Sohn acts opposite actor Bae Yong-jun in April Snow, where she plays a woman who falls in love with another man while nursing her husband, who gets into a car accident with his mistress.
Source: KBS Global
doozy: Woot woot! Congratulations, Ye Jin sshi!


Happy Birthday!

Happy 27th Birthday, Daniel Henney sshi!
Stay hot, happy, and healthy always!

Drool Time heart eyes

Special thanks to suejinners @ soompi for posting the collection of pictures

It’s Official! They Are Together!

Nope, I’m not talking about BiKyo. I’m babbling about another favorite couple of mine. *Hint: the inspiration for this blog*

Well, is it really official? I’m not sure. Sorry to those who got excited due to bold title of this post.

Kirsten (pinklily @ soompi), who is a crazed Mukgu-er (and I used the word “crazed” with love), posted some very interesting screen captures of LDH and LDW together at the MNet award ceremony. Click here to see the caps and read her hilarious commentary on the event.

Here is the YouTube clip for your viewing pleasure.

They do look awfully close, don’t they? Hmm… something’s definitely going on there.

Here are lovely pictures of LDH for BC Cards

Tangerines, anyone, while enjoying the soccer game? (It’s a My Girl inside joke. Watch the show and you’ll understand.)

Images courtesy of Daum DaHae Market/baidu
Uploaded by: zoomjack @ soompi

First Impressions…

Since I recently finished watching Rude Woman and Fireworks, I decided to take a look at several of the new dramas that have begun airing. Regarding the two that I finished, one of them I enjoyed tremendously and it was fun throughout. The other one had me scratching my head, wondering “what the hell is this crap and more importantly, why am I still watching it?”

Anyway… Below are my thoughts on the first episodes of three new dramas.

Hwang Jin-Yi

The first episode looks promising. Although, I’m not really into the ancient dancing routine, I’m especially in awe of the colorful and gorgeous hanboks. And props to the young actress who plays the child Hwang Jin-I, who does a terrific job, noticeably in the crying scenes. Really, how do the Korean production teams manage to find such talented young-uns? However, the child actress who is part of the palace dance troupe, the one that did that dagger routine, really creeps me out with her robotic, unnatural smiling face and heavy make-up.

Watch or not? From the quality of the first episode, this one is a keeper.

Fantasy Couple

From the writers of Sassy Girl, Chun-Hyang and My Girl, come another fun and hilarious drama. Han Ye Seul got the snobby, bitchy, I-answer-to-no-one role down good. Surprisingly, HYS’s English is quite good. Very little accent and I can understand perfectly what she is saying. This character is Cruella deVil and Dr. Evil rolled into one. Cruella deVil because of her personality and wardrobe; Dr. Evil partly because of the pet cat and how she’s more affectionate to the cat than to her fellow human beings. While watching her in action, my reaction was similar to those of the people that cross paths with her. That one raining scene at the airport where she makes the passerby walk her to her car with his umbrella and his reaction after she drives away is hilarious. Also, the pet-exchanging scene towards the end of the episode, when that “Bang Bang” song is playing the background, has me rolling in laughter.

Watch or not? Watch it!


The storyline here seems like the ones that I’ve seen before from other popular melodramatic dramas. From what I gather, the breakdown of the plot is as such: under odd circumstances, a cold, commitment-phobic man meets optimistic woman with a heart-of-gold whom he falls in love with and who will change his life forever. Dun dun dun… *dramatic music plays in the background*
Although, yes, I do admit that I have watched dramas with trite and predictable plotlines and have found them enjoyable, what I cannot get over here is Kim Jung Eun’s over-the-top expressions. Finally, I am able to understand why some people did not like Yoo Rin in My Girl while I find that character extremely funny and her expressions very cute and endearing. Similarly, fans of Lovers have no problems with watching KJE and even find her actions funny while I sit there watching with annoyance.

Watch or not? Until I’m no longer bothered by the leading actress’s presence, then this one is a pass for me. However, if you liked the previous two installments of the “Lovers series,” especially Lovers in Paris since KJE was also the leading actress in that one, then you’ll probably like Lovers.

Heartthrob Daniel Henney Confesses Early Sins

With short hair and jeans instead of a suit, Daniel Henney looks relaxed and approachable. The man who in just two dramas — My Name is Kim Sam-soon and Spring Waltz — captured the hearts of millions of Korean women is now promoting his first feature film, Seducing Mr. Robin, which is released on Dec.7. The Chosun Ilbo spoke to the 28-year old.

Don’t you think that you are playing on women’s fantasies a little too much? In this movie, your character is a Harvard graduate and CEO of a foreign company.

“It’s a misunderstanding. Having read the screenplay, I thought he was such an ass. Too cold and stubborn. Later in the movie, a little human touch is added to the character, but the part is different than my previous roles, which were more warm-hearted.”

Your fans praise your gentleness and sweetness, best represented in your smile.

“Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, everybody has two sides: good and bad. I showed my true self through Henry in My Name is Kim Sam-soon, but I showed only my good side.”

What kind of guy is the rest of you?

“When I played basketball in college, I used to be a greedy player. I only thought about winning. I didn’t go so far as to take steroids, but I went on a protein diet to build up muscle, and got all the way up to 220 pounds (around 110 kg). When I was a high school student, I threw eggs at school buses for no reason. I was the captain of my basketball team, but I ended up getting a seven-game suspension. It was a time when I was full of dissatisfaction and greed.”

Born in the U.S. state of Michigan, Henney dreamed of playing in the NBA when he was a boy. He was talented enough to be scouted to the University of Illinois at Chicago. But he says the talent others envied was not enough to reach the “top level,” and he was at odds with the team’s coach, whom he accuses of prejudice against him — the sole player with Asian heritage — so he finally changed his course. After that, he worked as a model and took acting classes, and debuted in My Name is Kim Sam-soon where he became widely known.

An uncomfortable question. You said the coach at UIC had a racial bias. But don’t you think that the fact that you are of mixed race worked in your favor in Korea?

“First of all, I don’t think that being of mixed race helped me get cast in Kim Sam-soon. Actually, I didn’t learn about biases in Korea until well after I became famous. I’ve realized that even among people of mixed race, there is ‘class.’ But what’s clear is that Korea, unlike in the U.S., isn’t a country where racism is shown openly, and the younger generation has a more open mind than the older generation. I’m fretting about what kind of help I can be.”

Would it be rude if I ask whether your activities in Korea are a springboard for something else, like Hollywood?

A springboard? No way. The only good thing about working in Hollywood would be the fact that my parents could see the movies I’m in more easily. Whether it’s Hollywood or Korea isn’t important to me. The script, and what kind of a project it is, are what I consider most important. This work isn’t a stepping stone — it’s my life.

What virtues must women have to seduce Daniel Henney, rather than Mr. Robin?

First of all, a non-enhanced natural beauty. And what I like the most is the natural sound of laughter. Age changes appearance and body shape, but the laughter is unchanged when they turn 90, and even when they sit in a wheelchair.

That is some smooth talk. But, how should I put this, it sounds like a canned response.

(Blushes) Well, of course I can’t ignore the impression and feeling that I get from a woman when I meet her first.

This is an English translation of an interview with Daniel Henney that appeared in the print version of the Chosun Ilbo.
( )

doozy: Daniel Henney sshi, I’m definitely looking forward to watching your new movie and I don’t care about the storyline, whether it’s good or not, etc. because really, I probably won’t notice and be nitpicky since my attention will be focused on you. (Although, I do hope that it won’t be grossly terrible that even your presence can’t even keep my attention.)

On another note, Harry Potter would like his spectacles back. And also, your hairstylist’s not happy because you’ve missed another appoinment.

Is Rain Worth It?

High Concert Ticket Prices Raise Eyebrows
By Cathy Rose A. Garcia (The Korea Times)
Staff Reporter

Korean superstar Rain, who goes by his real name Jung Ji-hoon when acting, will soon embark on an ambitious world tour.
K-pop superstar Rain’s upcoming world concert tour is generating a lot of buzz. After all, “Rain’s Coming 06/07 World Tour” is perhaps the most ambitious and expensive world concert tour by any Korean artist.

Expectations are running high for Rain’s world tour, which has been called a “make it or break it” tour since it will test his popularity and ability to appeal to people in different countries. With the budget for the concert reportedly reaching several millions of dollars, it is no wonder why concert tickets are being sold at a premium price.

The most expensive tickets for Rain’s concerts cost 176,000 won (US$189) in Seoul, US$261 (244,000 won) in Las Vegas and US$313 (293,000 won) in Singapore.

Rain officially kicks off his world tour in Seoul on Dec. 15 and 16 at the Olympic Park Gymnasium. He is then scheduled to perform on Dec. 23 and 24 at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Tickets for the Las Vegas concerts are already sold out at Ticketmaster, even with the price of US$89 to US$261.

Celine Dion also holds concerts at the Colosseum, charging US$165 to US$350 for tickets. The Colosseum has a capacity of 3,800.

For Rain’s concerts, organizers have arranged tour package deals for overseas fans who want to attend the concert and take a vacation in Las Vegas.

However, some U.S.-based fans were disappointed with the expensive ticket prices and the concert dates, which are scheduled right before the Christmas holiday. This has dissuaded younger fans from attending the concert.

For the Jan. 21 concert in Singapore, the front row seats were initially to cost as much as 530,000 won or US$570 each. However, these pricey seats are being reserved especially for VIP and purchasers of special package tours.

According to Regina Wong, Singapore’s representative for Rain’s International Fan Club, JYP Entertainment has also allocated 100 seats in these VIP sections for fan club members at only US$200 each. “JYPE put the seats up for sale last week and the 100 tickets at US$200 each were sold in 5 minutes,” she said.

Tickets for the Singapore concert are now sold to the public for as high as US$313 (293,000 won). Rain’s concert tickets are even more expensive than the priciest ticket to guitar legend’s Eric Clapton’s concert in Singapore, which go for US$256 or 240,000 won.

On the Singapore ticketing Web site, Rain’s concert is billed as the “largest project in scale among world tours by a Korean artist” and “at par with Madonna’s latest tour.”

Some of the reasons for the expensive ticket prices are the high production costs and that Rain has hired prominent concert production people. These include stage director Jaime King, who has choreographed dance moves for Madonna and Britney Spears; Roy Bennett, who was production designer for Paul McCartney’s 2005 U.S. tour; and visual director Dago Gonzalez.

Star M, organizer of Rain’s tour, said in a press release earlier that Rain’s world tour is expected to generate 106 billion won (US$113 million) in revenue. It estimated that 56 billion won (US$59 million) will come from admission fees and the rest from tour copyrights, DVD sales and merchandising.

Rain is scheduled to hold a concert on Feb. 3 in Bangkok. Concert dates are also being planned for Japan, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Taiwan.

doozy: Hm… this is a tough question for me to answer. I was definitely shocked when I discovered how expensive the tickets are upon the announcement of his world tour. Also, seeing his concert price compared to the likes of Celine Dion and Eric Clapton is kinda surreal to me. However, the music business is a business so it’s basically all about supply and demand. Bi does have a large and diverse fan base and if his fans are willing to fork out the dough to see him in action, then good for them, him, and the charities that will benefit from the concert. Happiness all around.

As for me, as much as I love Bi and his music and would like very much to see him in concert at least once in this lifetime, I’m still not willing to part with my $200 because I love Mr. Franklin just a tad more at this moment. Although, what if the time comes when I’m a little more well-off but Bi’s not holding any more concerts? What will I do? Hence, shouldn’t I, now, seize the moment and live for the present? Ah~ life is full of potentially regretful moments, isn’t it?

Wait a minute, did I answer the question as to whether Bi is worth the money?
Generally speaking, yes, he is. Personally speaking, no. Does that make any sense?

Seats to Hallyu Expo in Short Supply

Seats for the opening ceremony of the upcoming “Hallyu Expo in Asia,” which will be attended by top hallyu stars, have proven insufficient to accommodate all reporters and fans wishing to see the extravaganza.

The number of seats for the opening ceremony slated for November 29 was set at 4,000, but the organizing committee says it is considering adding more seats as large numbers of foreign fans and visitors have expressed their willingness to attend the event.

The opening ceremony, which begins at 10:30 a.m., will be hosted by Kang Byung-kyu and Yoon Son-ha and consist of two parts.

Performers will include M (Lee Min-woo), Lee Jung-hyun, Chae Yeon, SG Wannabe, Superjunior, the B-boy team Last For One, which won a B-boy competition in Germany, and others.

Throughout the 102-day expo, some 20 bands and celebrities will appear at the event, and special events featuring top hallyu stars will be held every week.

Hallyu Expo in Asia, an international exhibition of hallyu stars, TV dramas and movies, will be the first and the longest hallyu-related international event. It will run through March 10 at the Jeju Convention Center.
Source: KBS Global
doozy: I want to go! I WANT TO GO!

Wall Painting Poster of The Restless Unveiled

The wall painting poster of the movie The Restless starring Jung Woo-sung and Kim Tae-hee has been unveiled recently.
While the previous teaser poster for the movie drew attention by focusing on a dark background, the new poster features the large images of the movie’s lead actors.

The poster, which depicts the love of two characters that defies fate, was produced in a unique style by featuring the elements of a wall painting.

The Restless, a story about the encounter and conflict of two souls in mid-heaven, where they stay for 49 days before they reincarnate, will open December 21.
Source: KBS Global

Movie Info
[formerly known as Midair]

Kim Tae Hee
Jung Woo Sung

Jung Woo Sung and Kim Tae Hee will lead the movie Midair. This mellow movie portrays that a soul stays in midair for 49 days before it ascends to heaven. The move is directed by Jo Dong Oh whose previous project was the movie The Warrior. The music director is Shiro Sagisu. The production cost is around 9 billion Won and the filming begins at “Hengdian Movie and Television Center” in Zhejiang province of China.

KTH plays the role Soh Hwa who is a celestial people guiding and protecting human beings when they fall in midair. JWS plays the character Lee Gwak. He defends Soh Hwa who resembles his old lover. Actor Huh Joon Ho plays the role Ban Choo who leads the insurgent force in midair. Actress Soh Yi Hyun plays the character Hyo who is a female warrior in the insurgent force.
English translation courtesy of CindyW88

doozy: Nice poster! Very fantasy/mythical feel, which fits the story of the movie. I’m looking forward to this movie because 1) I like this genre, 2) I’m interested in seeing KTH’s movie debut, and 3) Jung Woo Sung (need I say more…)

Bi is In LOVE?!

This news is the hottest topic (at least, I’d like to think that it is) in entertainment forums and fansites at the moment. Who’s the lady in question? She’s none other than Song Hye Kyo.

Bi (Rain) Brought food for Song hyegyo at Hwang Jin-I filming site

On his upcoming movie Cyborg but it’s ok which will be shown next month,He visited the filming site of the Movie Hwang jini which Song hyegyo is starring in,and gave her a lunchbox.

Rain made/prepared the food himself and went to The filming location at Yong-in Kyonggido,On 10th of november 11pm.

Everyone was eating snack at the moment when Rain arrived,and greeted the staff and handed the bag(food) to Song hyegyo.

The staff specially the girls who were there were envious of SHG,as a sign of appreciation and thank’s SHG accompany Rain to the parking lot.

English translation courtesy of J.lee @ Bi’s soompi thread

AHHHHHHH!! This is very good news, if it turns out that she is the one that he’s been hinting at. BiKyo, aza aza, fighting!
If you’d like to read more indepth analysis on BiKyo, you can visit Agent P’s Headquarters.

In the meantime, here’s a fan MV dedicated to the lovely pair. Enjoy!

Credit: wloi

Also, yummy pictures of Bi for Giordano’s Winter Collection

Courtesy of Cheryl (Joyplace)

Although I’m a supporter of BiKyo, I’ll still be happy for him if BiKyo only exists in Full House and not in reality because when it comes down to it, it’s his life and his happiness that really matters in this type of situation.