Kim Jung-hoon Gives Concert in Japan

Singer/actor Kim Jung-hoon has given a concert in Tokyo to mark the release of his first album targeting Japanese viewers.

The Sankei Sports reported October 30 that Kim, who has created a sensation in Japan for his role in the TV drama Princess Hours, released his debut album entitled 5 Stella Lights on October 29.

Kim told the audience of some 1,000 people that he was surprised to see so many fans come to his concert. He sang three songs in Japanese and said he wants to be credited as a singer who is good at expressing his feelings.

Kim is preparing for a large-scale tour of Japan that will begin on December 12 at the Stella Hotel in Shinagawa, Tokyo and cover ten cities, including Osaka and Sapporo.

Meanwhile, Princess Hours will premiere in Japan November 9 on Tokyo TV and will air every Thursday.
Source: KBS Global


3 thoughts on “Kim Jung-hoon Gives Concert in Japan

  1. i was curious as to how his voice sounded (b/c of that 1 scene in Goong…you know the one :p) so i dl’d music from his ex-group UN…his voice is so clear, very nice. that other guy in his group is hottt too (the brother in Invincible Parachute Agent).

  2. yeah, he does have a very soothing voice!
    The hot brother was also a singer?! Interesting… Thanks for the info, Jill.
    Oh yes, speaking of that…how do you like “parachute”?

  3. i like “parachute” so far, but i’m waiting for the subs! they’re already done playing it on HI tv, but i missed it. so i’ll just have to wait 🙂 did you like it?

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