Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Part 2

Looks: Kim Tae Hui
After seeing so many pictures of KTH, her looks is starting to grow on me. Although when she stares, she still scares me, her smile is very sweet. In addition, I’ve read quite a number of good things about her real-life personality, so those make her even more beautiful.

Favorite: none

Looks: Jeon Ji Hyun
Great body and great hair! One of the few actresses, in my opinion, that can carry that long hair look with such elegance and sexiness. (Yes, sexiness. Have you seen her commercials?!)
I must say, though, that Sung Yuri looks super cute in the above picture. Also, out of the bunch, Jang Nara looks forever young.

Favorite: Jeon Ji Hyun
Hey, what more can I say? I like the “sassy girl.”
I also like Kim Eugene and Jung Ryeo Won for their personalities. I’ve seen them in interviews and heard from fans that they’re both very sweet and friendly in real-life, especially Eugene.

Looks: Song Hye Kyo
This was one difficult decision. I was torn between Son Ye Jin, Han Ga In, and Song Hye Kyo. All three are such gorgeous ladies. I don’t know who to choose!
Okay, fine. I’ll pick Song Hye Gyo. There! Stop harrassing me…ahhhh! (Oh all right, you can stop laughing and rolling your eyes now.)

Favorite: Son Ye Jin
In my opinion, she’s the better actress out of the bunch.
Although, if “favorite” means that I’ll watch anything that has that certain actress, then Song Hye Gyo would also count. Aza, aza, fighting y’all!

Looks: Kim Jung Hwa
I’m not familiar with neither of these two actresses. From the pictures above, KJH looks prettier.

Favorite: None

Looks: Nam Sang Mi
I love her smile and those dimples! She has a very sweet and genuine smile… the kind that can melt your heart. Well actually, several actresses in this batch have this quality, such as Lee Da Hae and Han Ji Hye. However, I like Nam Sang Mi the best.
Are you surprised that I didn’t pick Lee Da Hae? Well, it is the way it is. LDH was a close second, though.

Favorites: Nam Sang Mi and Lee Da Hae
It’s a tie. Can’t choose. Too much stress in my life already. Heehee.
Both are extremely likeable. They’re also talented actresses with lots of potential. And I have to give props to LDH for her crying skill. It seems like she can cry on cue and make it look so realistic. Amazing!
I’m also starting to like Yoon Eun Hye after watching Goong. She’s cute and very photogenic. Her photographs, for the most part, look great.

Special thanks to ~*kYo*~ @ soompi for compiling the pictures and posting them.
Note: These are my own opinions. If they don’t match with yours, then geez… I really don’t know what to say.


2 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Part 2

  1. I like Lee Da Hae and Nam Sang Mi too, but I think Lee Da Hae has portrayed for diverse characters. As far as dramas, Nam Sang Mi has done only comedies, even Sweet Spy was one. Her movie roles also included comedies, where she played either the tough, introverted and/or innocent chick. Lee Da Hae hasn’t done movies, but her drama record is pretty ranging: from a really sad melodrama, to a suspense drama, to a comedy drama. Lee Da Hae’s characters have been completley different one to the next. Yep, they’re both great actresses, but I think Lee Da Hae has displayed more versatility.
    Anyway, out of all the ladies listed, these two actresses are my favorite.

    And by the way, your blog is really nice.

  2. “too much stress in my life already” HAHA!!!

    1980: i think han eun jung is very pretty. i only saw her in full house and other appearances though.

    1981: did you see jung ryeo won in my boyfriend is type b? i was so shocked to see her like that! and i agree, SYR looks cute, but i would pick JJH as well.

    1982: SHK! hwaiting! :-p

    1984: (i’m the same age as these actresses…i swear, they look older!) i would say Han Ji Hye for looks, and LDH as my FAVE 🙂

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