Stars of Sad Movie Visit Japan for Promotion

Sad Movie

A group of Korean actors and actresses visited Japan on Monday to promote their movie Sad Movie scheduled to be released in the island country on Nov. 11.

The Japanese Sankei Sports Shimbun reported Tuesday that Jung Woo-sung, Cha Tae-hyun, Shin Min-ah, and Yeo Jin-gu had arrived at Haneda International Airport, where some 250 fans greeted them with loud cheers.

The Korean stars returned the welcome with smiles. Jung told the fans that he was so thankful to them for welcoming him every time, and Cha said that he would do his best to promote their movie.

The Japanese sports daily said that the omnibus movie consisting of four stories portrays love, sadness and memories in life by showing eight characters parting with their lovers and families.

Having attended the press conference on Tuesday, the four will appear at a premiere on Wednesday. Then they will give interviews with various media outlets before coming back home on Saturday.
Source: KBS Global


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