It’s RAINing Men…

Aish! I had just finished a post this post and proceeded to publish it when Blogger suddenly spazzed out. I couldn’t even save as draft. WHY, BLOGGER? WHY?! WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME? WEH? Ai caramba… *shake fist in air*
So anyway, here goes the whole thing one more time. Let’s see if I remember all of it.

I just finished watching the recent YSMM episode where Bi was on as a guest star. Watching this episode really “renews” my interest in all things Bi. I love his personality. He is funny and oh so cute! Hence, you see the new banner.
The episode is now available on YouTube with English subtitles (courtesy of Rxgoodleaf). Below are the first and second, out of seven parts, of the episode.

Part 1

Part 2

English subtitles by: Rxgoodleaf
Uploaded by: lyptika

The following are clips of Bi on tvNMad. The subtitles are very small so get ready to glue your eyes to the screen and squint really hard.

Part 1

I’ve listened to “I’m Coming” several times and I’m starting to like it!

Part 2

They’re showing Bi raunchy scenes from movies and television dramas but his heart rate is decreasing! His facial expressions are so funny. Haha! (FYI: The first clip is from the movie April Snow staring BYJ–I don’t know how to spell his name… hence, the abbreviations–and Son Ye Jin.)

Part 3

English subtitles by: tokki
Uploaded by: AznAngel29

Man, I need to crack open some Korean books and start taking Korean classes seriously so I can understand what they’re saying and prepare for my move to Seoul, Korea. I feel like I’m missing out! Heehee.


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