The third drama in the “Lovers…” series. (No. one was Lovers in Paris with Park Shin Yang and Kim Jung Eun and no. two was Lovers in Prague)

Kim Jung Eun
Lee Seo Jin
Kim Kyu Ri
Jung Chan
Lee Han

November 8th (Every Wed-Thurs Nights)

TV Station
SBS Drama

Official Website

Soompi Thread

Kim Kyu Ri plays the role Yoo Jin who is an innocent woman worrying about her lover’s safety and health only. Yoo Jin lives with the main male character who is the leader of an organization of gangsters. Lee Suh Jin is selected to play the main male character. After LSJ’s role is injured and receives treatment in a hospital, he and the female doctor (played by Kim Jung Eun) fall in love. The filming of this drama is scheduled to start on 9/14 in China. Originally, Kim Seung Woo was selected to play the main male lead. However, due to KSW’s tight schedule, the production company decides to replace KSW with LSJ because LSJ’s filming schedule of his other drama Speed is delayed until February of 2007. KKR’s previous drama was The Immortal Lee Soon Shin aired by KBS1 in 2004.
Source: CindyW88 and WITH S2

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