Bi is In LOVE?!

This news is the hottest topic (at least, I’d like to think that it is) in entertainment forums and fansites at the moment. Who’s the lady in question? She’s none other than Song Hye Kyo.

Bi (Rain) Brought food for Song hyegyo at Hwang Jin-I filming site

On his upcoming movie Cyborg but it’s ok which will be shown next month,He visited the filming site of the Movie Hwang jini which Song hyegyo is starring in,and gave her a lunchbox.

Rain made/prepared the food himself and went to The filming location at Yong-in Kyonggido,On 10th of november 11pm.

Everyone was eating snack at the moment when Rain arrived,and greeted the staff and handed the bag(food) to Song hyegyo.

The staff specially the girls who were there were envious of SHG,as a sign of appreciation and thank’s SHG accompany Rain to the parking lot.

English translation courtesy of J.lee @ Bi’s soompi thread

AHHHHHHH!! This is very good news, if it turns out that she is the one that he’s been hinting at. BiKyo, aza aza, fighting!
If you’d like to read more indepth analysis on BiKyo, you can visit Agent P’s Headquarters.

In the meantime, here’s a fan MV dedicated to the lovely pair. Enjoy!

Credit: wloi

Also, yummy pictures of Bi for Giordano’s Winter Collection

Courtesy of Cheryl (Joyplace)

Although I’m a supporter of BiKyo, I’ll still be happy for him if BiKyo only exists in Full House and not in reality because when it comes down to it, it’s his life and his happiness that really matters in this type of situation.


5 thoughts on “Bi is In LOVE?!

  1. aaw that was very nice of him. i can see how that may look like something more between the two…if so, coolbeans *thumbsup* i agree, if it doesn’t happen, as long as they’re happy. that MV you posted was very interesting. she could be telling the truth though, that they’re just really good friends since they’re close in age….but who knows…???? :-p

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