First Impressions…

Since I recently finished watching Rude Woman and Fireworks, I decided to take a look at several of the new dramas that have begun airing. Regarding the two that I finished, one of them I enjoyed tremendously and it was fun throughout. The other one had me scratching my head, wondering “what the hell is this crap and more importantly, why am I still watching it?”

Anyway… Below are my thoughts on the first episodes of three new dramas.

Hwang Jin-Yi

The first episode looks promising. Although, I’m not really into the ancient dancing routine, I’m especially in awe of the colorful and gorgeous hanboks. And props to the young actress who plays the child Hwang Jin-I, who does a terrific job, noticeably in the crying scenes. Really, how do the Korean production teams manage to find such talented young-uns? However, the child actress who is part of the palace dance troupe, the one that did that dagger routine, really creeps me out with her robotic, unnatural smiling face and heavy make-up.

Watch or not? From the quality of the first episode, this one is a keeper.

Fantasy Couple

From the writers of Sassy Girl, Chun-Hyang and My Girl, come another fun and hilarious drama. Han Ye Seul got the snobby, bitchy, I-answer-to-no-one role down good. Surprisingly, HYS’s English is quite good. Very little accent and I can understand perfectly what she is saying. This character is Cruella deVil and Dr. Evil rolled into one. Cruella deVil because of her personality and wardrobe; Dr. Evil partly because of the pet cat and how she’s more affectionate to the cat than to her fellow human beings. While watching her in action, my reaction was similar to those of the people that cross paths with her. That one raining scene at the airport where she makes the passerby walk her to her car with his umbrella and his reaction after she drives away is hilarious. Also, the pet-exchanging scene towards the end of the episode, when that “Bang Bang” song is playing the background, has me rolling in laughter.

Watch or not? Watch it!


The storyline here seems like the ones that I’ve seen before from other popular melodramatic dramas. From what I gather, the breakdown of the plot is as such: under odd circumstances, a cold, commitment-phobic man meets optimistic woman with a heart-of-gold whom he falls in love with and who will change his life forever. Dun dun dun… *dramatic music plays in the background*
Although, yes, I do admit that I have watched dramas with trite and predictable plotlines and have found them enjoyable, what I cannot get over here is Kim Jung Eun’s over-the-top expressions. Finally, I am able to understand why some people did not like Yoo Rin in My Girl while I find that character extremely funny and her expressions very cute and endearing. Similarly, fans of Lovers have no problems with watching KJE and even find her actions funny while I sit there watching with annoyance.

Watch or not? Until I’m no longer bothered by the leading actress’s presence, then this one is a pass for me. However, if you liked the previous two installments of the “Lovers series,” especially Lovers in Paris since KJE was also the leading actress in that one, then you’ll probably like Lovers.

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