It’s Official! They Are Together!

Nope, I’m not talking about BiKyo. I’m babbling about another favorite couple of mine. *Hint: the inspiration for this blog*

Well, is it really official? I’m not sure. Sorry to those who got excited due to bold title of this post.

Kirsten (pinklily @ soompi), who is a crazed Mukgu-er (and I used the word “crazed” with love), posted some very interesting screen captures of LDH and LDW together at the MNet award ceremony. Click here to see the caps and read her hilarious commentary on the event.

Here is the YouTube clip for your viewing pleasure.

They do look awfully close, don’t they? Hmm… something’s definitely going on there.

Here are lovely pictures of LDH for BC Cards

Tangerines, anyone, while enjoying the soccer game? (It’s a My Girl inside joke. Watch the show and you’ll understand.)

Images courtesy of Daum DaHae Market/baidu
Uploaded by: zoomjack @ soompi


One thought on “It’s Official! They Are Together!

  1. my heart nearly stopped when i first read the article title!!! i wish i knew what they were saying in the video hehe…i checked the screencaps/captions too…HILARIOUS!!! thanks 🙂

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