I Need Your Help!

Does anyone here knows where I can get the Precious Moments snow globe seen in My Girl? If you don’t, do you happen to know someone who knows someone (perhaps in Seoul, Korea) who can help me with this matter? I’ll pay for the cost and shipping fee.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about since you haven’t seen My Girl (why haven’t you?! ), here’s what it looks like.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Images courtesy of http://www.enemall.co.kr

I REALLY want this snow globe! I’m not even sure if people are reading this request but it’s worth a try. I’d be extremely grateful if you can help me out. You’ll be blessed!


5 thoughts on “I Need Your Help!

  1. hey doozy, first off i just want to say i really enjoy your blog =D keep up the good work!

    like you, i’ve been trying to find that snowglobe from “My Girl” Those are really great close-up pics that you posted. I wonder if its only available in Korea. I found one that mildy resembles it (only the moon, and light anyway). If only they have dogs or chickens/roosters as a theme, then I would most definitely get it!


  2. Mai, that IS very similar and it looks like it lights up too!
    Aish, yes, why can’t they have other animals?! Why must I hate cats?!
    Heehee, anyway, Thanks for letting me know about that.

  3. omg doozy, i’m supposed to be studying, but i’m mukgu-ing!! O_o i was trying to go quickly through your site (so i wouldn’t have to study :p) when this post stopped me…….

    i have something to tell you….i bought one over eBay!!! it was a difficult search but i finally found it as a “water dome”, not as “snow globe” like you would think. perhaps since it’s near the holidays, you can find it on eBay too!!! i bought mine this past summer. mine’s kinda old though since it’s used. you can see stuff floating around there besides the glitter (?? dust maybe), and the battery cover’s missing…but who cares right?!?!

    anyway, really, good luck on finding one. bbasya!!!

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