Innocent Star Goes Sexy for KTF Commercial

No longer a girl but a full-grown woman: in a commercial for KTF music portal site Dosirak, Moon Geun-young breaks with the innocent image that has won her the adoration of fans to transform herself into a sexy musical star. In the ad, which will be hitting the airwaves on Dec. 14, she sings a new song and moves her body to some racy choreography. A music video is to be separately released. KTF will be making the commercial public on the Dosirak site on Dec. 26.

Appearing opposite Kim Joo-hyuk in the romantic film Love Me Not Moon has already shown a mature side of herself with her role as a closed-off blind woman. The film, released on Nov. 9, however, failed to perform well at the box office.
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doozy: I’m not really sure how I feel about this change of image. I need to see the music video first before I can make comments on whether I like this new “sexy image.”
I wonder if the Korean public will welcome this change because it’s kinda hard, IMO, to view someone who’s been like your “little sister” or “daughter” in this new light. Nonetheless, I guess we’ll have to accept the fact that MYG is all grown up.


Supermodels-Turned-Actresses Taking Over Airwaves

Supermodel-turned-actresses are becoming a hot topic again. There are around 10 former models working as actresses: Kim Seon-ah, Song Seon-Mi, Han Go-eun, Han Ye-sul, Han Ji-hye , Hyun Young, Choi Yoe-jin, lee Hwa-seun, Jo Hyang-ki, Yun Ji-min. By any standards, they lead the entertainment industry.

(Kim Seon-ah and Song Seon-Mi)

Kim Seon-ah and Song Seon-mi have jumped to stardom by way of various projects, while Choi Yoe-jin and and Han Ji-hye have won fans for the way that they completely transform themselves into whatever roles they play. Hyung Young and Jo Hyang-ki have been busy in various entertainment programs and TV dramas, while Lee Hwa-seun has turned heads with not just her acting skills but her car racing as well. Kim Sae-rom also announced her intentions to make forays into the acting world. The result can be seen in living rooms sometime next year.

But the most visible stars among the batch are Han Ye-sul and Han Go-eun. The two are often put on the chopping block for performances that fail to live up to their looks. But this year was a turning point in criticism of their work, bringing fine appraisals for both. After taking the lead role in the weekend TV drama Couple of Fantasy (MBC), Han Ye-sul has been enjoying plenty of popularity. Han Go-eun showed off her finely matured craft as the heroine of SBS drama Love and Ambition, which recently wrapped.

But now, newcomers who only entered last year’s supermodel contests are already appearing on TV. They are Kim Su-hyun who took the top honor at the pageants and Yeon Mi-ju who didn’t receive an award but gained the spotlight nonetheless. The two appeared in the SBS weekend drama, Queen of the Game and drama special Lovers respectively. For both it is their acting debut, but they have been appraised as relatively solid.

One of the reasons for the supermodel crowd’s gaining popularity as actors is that they meet the qualifications: they are 170 cm tall or more, and their curvaceous bodies are easy on the eyes. Since they were already filtered through various contests, they are not lacking in the talent category. But voices of concern over model’s successive transfer to acting abound. “It seems that supermodel contests are becoming a means of just supplying future actors instead of living up to its original purpose of cultivating professional models,” once critic grumbles.
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doozy: This sounds a bit like how TVB promotes “actresses” that originated from the Miss HK pageant. However, the difference here is that Kim Seon Ah and Co. can act. I have yet to watch Queen of the Game and am not following Lovers so I can’t say whether the new batch of supermodels-turned-actresses are any good. Hopefully, the production companies made wise choices and they’re not horrible.