Innocent Star Goes Sexy for KTF Commercial

No longer a girl but a full-grown woman: in a commercial for KTF music portal site Dosirak, Moon Geun-young breaks with the innocent image that has won her the adoration of fans to transform herself into a sexy musical star. In the ad, which will be hitting the airwaves on Dec. 14, she sings a new song and moves her body to some racy choreography. A music video is to be separately released. KTF will be making the commercial public on the Dosirak site on Dec. 26.

Appearing opposite Kim Joo-hyuk in the romantic film Love Me Not Moon has already shown a mature side of herself with her role as a closed-off blind woman. The film, released on Nov. 9, however, failed to perform well at the box office.
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doozy: I’m not really sure how I feel about this change of image. I need to see the music video first before I can make comments on whether I like this new “sexy image.”
I wonder if the Korean public will welcome this change because it’s kinda hard, IMO, to view someone who’s been like your “little sister” or “daughter” in this new light. Nonetheless, I guess we’ll have to accept the fact that MYG is all grown up.


3 thoughts on “Innocent Star Goes Sexy for KTF Commercial

  1. haw man, i’ve only seen the commercial. guess i’ll have to keep checking. from what i’ve seen, she looks great. at 19…i guess it’s ok to have a “sexy” image. better than at 15! :-p

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