I’ll Be MIA…

I’m going down to LA for an interview so I’ll be away for 2-3 days. I’m gonna drive down there with a friend for the first time… I’m excited but also nervous. Hopefully, we won’t get lost too much coz the two of us together equals little to no sense of direction. Anyone interested in reading about my “adventures” once I get back? I don’t have a digital camera, so if I do yap about the trip, you’re just gonna have to use your imagination.

Anyway, I was making a mix CD for my trip and these songs brought back good memories. Enjoy these clips!

A Millionaire’s First Love OST
Uploaded by: winterlove6

This movie is cliche to the max. However, I enjoyed it thanks to the beautiful countryside scenery and the charms of its leading actor and actress.

What’s Up, Fox? OST
“Like Me” by Lee Sang Kyu
Uploaded by: crysalide

One of my favorite Korean dramas.

Also, special thanks to seirin for the “snow.”