I Love Fantasy Couple

I just finished watching Fantasy Couple yesterday. I completed 15 episodes in two days. (The dramedy has a total of 16 episodes but I saw ep.01 a while back.) I stayed up late to watch it knowing full well that I needed to wake up early the next morning for work. And when I got off work, I rushed home to watch it. So, let me just say this: I LOVE THIS SHOW!

The Hong sisters (the writers behind Delightful Girl, Choon Hyang and My Girl) have, once again, made me laugh, cry, and care for the characters that they’ve created. Credit to Han Ye Seul for portraying a bitchy, picky woman who’s surprisingly very likable. Jo Anna reminds me a lot of myself. No, rest assured. I’m not as bitchy or picky. What is similar between our personalities is how defensive we both are when it comes to emotional attachment. We shun it (being emotionally attached to other people) because we fear that we’ll get hurt.

My most favorite couple is Sang Shil and Kang Ja, although that’s not to say that I don’t like the main couple (Sang Shil and Chul Soo) and all the other odd couplings. I love them all.

Sang Shil and Kang Ja

The only two characters that annoyed me were Yoo Kyung and her materialistic friend.

The soundtrack, like almost all other Korean dramas, is awesome. The themesong is very catchy!

If you haven’t seen this yet, what are you waiting for? I highly recommend it.
Do visit the soompi thread for more in depth discussion and goodies. The link there can be found in the Drama Info: Fantasy Couple blog entry.

Sweet or Sour?

Delicious Godiva. Fantasy Couple is delightful fun throughout with tons of substance. Na Sang Shil is my type of girl. She is my new hero!


4 thoughts on “I Love Fantasy Couple

  1. This is one of the funniest K Comedy/Dramas I’ve seen to date. I didn’t marathon it the way you did, so I want to watch it again very soon.

    I hope it get’s released with good subs. The HK subs are terrible.

    I like your blog a lot. Visit me if you have time. Check out the Oh Ji Ho blog from my links.

    You write very well. Nice reading.

  2. I totally agree. “Fantasy Couple” is fricking hilarious! Heehee.

    Yup, I saw your Oh Ji Ho blog. What a dedicated fan, you are. Congrats to him for winning the MBC Award.

    Thanks for the kind compliment, hyacinth!

  3. I don’t know of any in English, but I think she has her own cyworld, which is a kind of celebrity blog, in Korean. Have you checked out soompi forums? If you haven’t, take a look there. It’s a great resource. Also, browse koreanwiz.org. The site has info on k-drama and celebrities.

    Hope that helps.

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