Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi lead the KBS2 drama Time Between Dog and Wolf

Lee Jun Ki (24) and Nam Sang Mi are selected to lead the drama Time between Dog and Wolf scheduled to be aired on MBC in July of 2007.

The production company of the drama “Phantom Entertainment” announces on 11/29 that LJK is selected to lead this action drama portraying two men having close relationship become rivals under seemingly impossible circumstances. The main characters belong to the special investigation unit against an international narcotic drug crime organization, and they infiltrate into the criminal organization by disguised identities. Currently, the production company is negotiating with the broadcasting TV station. The filming is scheduled to start early next year at Hong Kong and Macau.

LJK plays a courageous and energetic man who revenges on a criminal group. NSM plsys the role Suh Ji Woo. Ji Woo met LJG’s role during childhood and then fell in love with him. Due to a sudden accident, they had to separate. They meet each other again when they are working as secret agents disguised as museum curators. However, they separate once again because LJK’s role wants to revenge on his parents’ enemies. LJK’s previous drama was My Girl (SBS, 2005) and NSM’s latest drama was Sweet Spy (MBC, 2005).
Note: NSM’s lastest drama was actually SBS’s Bad Family, not Sweet Spy.
Source: mydaily.co.kr

Additional Casting News

Jung Kyung Ho will costar with Lee Jun Ki in the drama Time between Dog and Wolf scheduled to be aired by KBS2 in March of 2007. The main characters belong to the special investigation unit against an international narcotic drug crime organization. JKH plays the policeman Kang Min Gi who forms triangle relationship with Lee Joon Gi and Nam Sang Mi’s roles. The two main male characters also have a fatal confrontation.

The representative of JKH’s agency “Sidus HQ” states, “The production team considers that JKH could present both bright and dark side of the tough character Kang Min Gi very well.” JKH’s movie Gangster High was debuted recently. His new movies include Herb and Inside Starlight costarring with Kang Hye Jung and Cha Soo Yun respectively.
Source: mydaily.co.kr

Rounding out the four is Lee So Won.

(I don’t know who she is.)

English news translations courtesy of CindyW88 and yeohweping @ soompi.com

doozy: Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi together in one drama?! Woot woot! Plus, the plot outline sounds interesting. I’m very excited here.


Yoon Eun-hye Offered Role in Taiwanese Drama

Singer-turned-actress Yoon Eun-hye has been offered to play a leading role in the sports film Dunk to be produced in Taiwan.

Based on the Japanese manga Slam Dunk, the film will be produced with a budget of some 10 million US dollars, and Taiwan’s leading star Jay Chou has already been cast as the male lead.

The offer seems to have been extended to Yoon because of the popularity she enjoyed in Chinese-speaking nations as a member of the five-woman group Baby V.O.X and through Princess Hours, the MBC hit drama where she played a leading role.

In July, an AP report had said that pan-Asian star BoA would act in Dunk, but her agency denied the report, saying, “No offers have been made to us, so we do not know anything about it. If we receive an official offer, we will consider it.”
Source: KBS Global

doozy: YEH isn’t the best actress but she’s cute and likeable. I wonder if she’ll accept this offer.

Lee Jun-ki to Promote The King and the Clown in Japan

Lee Jun-ki, the co-star of Korea’s blockbuster The King and the Clown, will leave for Japan on Friday for the release of his film there.

During his four-day visit to Japan, Lee will hold a number of interviews with the Japanese media.

His management agency said that Japanese fans are already excited about the film as well as the visit by Lee, who portrayed the role of the beautiful clown Gonggil.

Lee already has a small but quite loyal following in Japan for his previous film Hotel Venus. Japan also plans to air a TV mini-series starring Lee entitled My Girl. He is expected to gain greater popularity in Japan through his film and TV appearances.

Lee is currently working on First Snow, a joint Korean-Japanese film.
Source: KBS Global

Giving Back to the Community

Recently, Lee Da Hae participated in an event in which she helped pass out daily commodities to senior citizens. She’s also chosen as an ambassador for a charitable/public service organization of Korea.

For more pictures of this event, click here. LDH looks so gorgeous and elegant! Her style in these lovely pictures remind me of the Green Rose days.

Lee Da Hae visiting senior citizens

They really like her, don’t they? The lady even gave LDH a kiss. Heehee. Very cute.

Special thanks to dedicated Mukgu-ers @ soompi, especially ripgal and javabeans for the news and pinklily for uploading the pictures and YouTube clip.

Mukgu is such a sweet and kind person. All the more reason to like her. Skeptics and cynics may say that she’s doing this for self-promotion, publicity, and things along those lines. And to that, I say “psshhhhh!” There’s a variety of things that she can do with her time but she chose to give back to the community and in freezing cold weather, as you can see from the above clip. Obviously, I don’t know her personally but I do believe that she’s a genuinely nice person.

“Mr. Vengeance” Back for Romance

By Kim Tae-jong
Staff Reporter (The Korea Times)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usAfter the completion of a trilogy on the theme of revenge, director Park Chan-wook has taken an unexpected turn _ toward romantic comedy. But his new film will be different from the ordinary sweet and cute romantic melodramas.

Park, who was once nicknamed “Mr. Vengeance” by New York Times Magazine, said that the film is not only to cool himself down, but also to try to experiment more boldly.

“This was originally something light between big movies,” Park said Friday during a news conference after the preview screening of his new film I Am a Cyborg, but That’s OK at CGV Yongsan multiplex theater in Seoul.

“But it doesn’t mean I was going to make it without doing my best or something. I just wanted to make it without feeling much pressure about commercial success, which I believed could allow me to do more experimental and bold things so that it could be a kind of movie in which a lot of people may not understand what’s going on,” Park said.

The film, which Park introduced as “a kind of romantic comedy,” is set in a mental institute, where a male patient and a female patient fall in love. The couple is played by two big stars _ Rain, who is one of the most popular singers in Asia, and Lim Soo-jung, who gained huge popularity throughout Asia with the television drama series Sorry, I Love You.

Rain plays Il-sun, who believes he can “steal” other people’s characteristics, and Lim’s character is Young-gyun, who thinks she is a cyborg.

The two stars’ huge popularity seems to be an advantage for the film, but Park said that they were an obstacle to his experimentation.

“When Rain and Lim were cast for the film, the planned experiments were screwed up,” Park said, laughing. “The two actors said that they didn’t understand the script, and I had to deceive them with sweet and kind words _ everything will be OK.

“But I started worrying about what would happen if the audience didn’t get it or got confused. So I tried to be kinder, to help the audience understand it better,” Park said.

Through the trilogy _ Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002), Old Boy (2003) and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005) _ he explored human nature and the complicated emotions related to hatred, revenge and atonement for sins.

In his new film, what does he want to tell?

“This is a love story between patients, not between a patient and a doctor. A doctor tries to cure a patient, but the patient just understands diseases that other patients have. Il-sun loves Young-gyun as she is, along with her illusion and fantasy. I think love is something that makes you love problems that your loved one has even though you can’t fix them,” Park said.
Source: The Korea Times

doozy: Park Chan Wook had to “dumb down” the script in order for the audience to understand the movie? That’s hilarious. I can’t say that I’m a fan of his previous works because I leave them feeling very disturbed. Or maybe I just don’t have a high enough IQ to understand what the hell it is that he was trying to portray. Nonetheless, like I’ve said before, I’ll definitely watch this movie to support that certain someone.

I Need Your Help!

Does anyone here knows where I can get the Precious Moments snow globe seen in My Girl? If you don’t, do you happen to know someone who knows someone (perhaps in Seoul, Korea) who can help me with this matter? I’ll pay for the cost and shipping fee.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about since you haven’t seen My Girl (why haven’t you?! ), here’s what it looks like.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Images courtesy of http://www.enemall.co.kr

I REALLY want this snow globe! I’m not even sure if people are reading this request but it’s worth a try. I’d be extremely grateful if you can help me out. You’ll be blessed!

Singers-Turned-Actors: the Best and the Worst

In Korea, singers don’t just sing to make a living any more. They try hard to map out a career cycle as entertainers, with the arch usually taking them into acting ventures of varying success. In soap operas particularly, some acquit themselves well. Others, however, provoke derision from Korea’s merciless Netizens for the way they flounce and pout around the sets.

In fact, the majority of soap leads are played by singers today. The Chosun Ilbo asked 14 writers and producers of hit dramas who the best and worst of the bunch are. We asked them to rank the top three in each category by giving three points to the best, two to the second best and one to the third.

From left to right: Bi, Kim Chang-wan, Kim Dong-wan, Lim Chang-jung, Mun Jeong-hyeok (Eric)

Among men, famously ambitious Rain came top with a score of 29 for appearances in Full House and A Love to Kill. Praise was fulsome. “He successfully appeals to the public with his ability to express feelings in a sympathetic way and by making the transition from singer to actor very naturally,” one panel member enthused. “He’s a jewel. It would have been such a loss if he hadn’t decided to act.” In second was Kim Chang-wan with 13 points, followed by Kim Dong-wan with 10 points and Lim Chang-jung with 9. Mun Jeong-hyeok or Eric, who landed in fifth with 8 points, got mixed reviews. Some said he was “taking full advantage of his pretty face and ability as an entertainer.” Others were less kind.

From left to right: Jung Ryoe-won, Uhm Jung-hwa, Eugene, Seong Yu-ri, Lee Hyo-lee

Among women, Jung Ryoe-won came top thanks to her part in My Name is Kim Sam-soon. Jung “is able to reflect her own natural image into the role she plays in the drama,” one panelist said. “She works hard at learning her craft. If you look closely at her eye movement, tempo, breathing and reactions to her partners, you can see that she studies the script really hard.” Uhm Jung-hwa came second with 17 points and Eugene in third with 12. Uhm is said to be able to play a wide range of parts, have a lively spirit as an actress and act very naturally. Eugene drew favorable responses thanks to her fluent dialect in the drama I Really Really Like You broadcast this year. She was praised for speaking dialect very well, which is not easy at all.

Overall, Rain came top with 27 points, followed by Uhm Jung-hwa with 14, Jung Ryeo-won with 12, and Lim Chang-jung with 11.

Who, then, is the worst singer-turned-actor? Seong Yu-ri held the sorry title with 21 points, followed by Lee Hyo-lee with 14, Park Jung-ah with 13, Kangta with 8, and Eric again with 5. Seong, our panelists said delicately, “has starred in several dramas but still has a long way to go.” Lee Hyo-lee, who was featured in the drama Three-Leaf Clover, was denounced as woefully miscast. The glamour girl “did not suit the character of a factory worker,” they said. In Park’s case, the difference between the singer’s image and her soap character was also judged too glaring.
(englishnews@chosun.com )
Source: english.chosun.com

doozy: For the most part, I agree with the panelists’ critiques, especially the comments regarding Bi. It would definitely be a loss if Bi didn’t venture into acting. He totally impressed me with his debut performance in Let’s Go To School, Sang Doo.
Regarding Eric, he has really good comedic timing so comedy is his forte. However, his dramatic scenes, erm.. need more work.
I haven’t seen any work from the three singers/actors in the middle, so no comment there. But, was Lim Chang-jung in the movie All About Love? If yes, then he’s good too.

On the female side, Jung Ryoe-won was good in My Name is Kim Sam Soon. However, my view of her performance in Which Stare Are You From? might be biased since, to put it mildly, I did not like that drama.
I watched Uhm Jung-hwa in All About Love and she delivered a good performance, if I remember correctly. It’s been awhile since I saw that movie.
Eugene, I like.
Although harsh, I agree with them about the part on Seong Yu-ri. I have yet to watch Snow Queen so let’s see how she does in there.
I did not see Three-Leaf Clover, so can’t comment on Lee Hyo-lee’s skills (or lack thereof).