Some Other Things…

Those who are fans of Goong and Se7en and are looking forward to Goong SGoong S premieres on January 10th on MBC. WITH S2 will be providing the English fansubs for this drama.


If you look to your right under “Currently Watching,” the list includes 101st Proposal, Please Come Back, Soon Ae and Spring Waltz. The question is: am I ever going to finish watching these three shows? At the moment, the answer seems to be “never.” 101st Proposal is getting repetitive and Spring Waltz is dreadful. I just hate dropping a drama and not finishing what I’ve started. But must I torture myself so? Even the gorgeous Daniel Henney isn’t enough motivation for me to keep going. And trust me, he’s beyond drool-worthy in here.

Please Come Back, Soon Ae is decent so that will probably be the first one I complete.


I’m also watching The Snow Queen to support Hyun Bin. As a music video, it works beautifully. However, as a good, solid drama, the same cannot be said. Too cliche and too melodramatic. I was also very creeped out during the beginning of the drama because of the pairing of Hyun Bin and the actress who played the young Bo Ra. (Grown-up Bo Ra is played by Sung Yu Ri.) The actress they chose looked like she was twelve. Even if she did look like she was fourteen, which was the character’s age, pairing her with Hyun Bin, who looked like he’s 25, when he’s supposedly 18, is just… ew. Why can’t they find a younger looking actor to play the young Tae Wong (Hyun Bin’s character)? That would have been better.

Any good points? Yes.
1) Nice soundtrack
2) Hyun Bin’s hotness. He has really nice hair in here. His hair has the triple S quality: soft, shiny, and silky. Seriously, if Tae Wong/Deuk Gu can’t be a boxer or chauffer, he can always be a model for Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner.


Watch Jumong if you haven’t already. I can’t wait until more English subtitles come out. It’s a great show!


When will I finish writing the episode summaries/commentaries for Alone In Love? I don’t know. I have that “illness,” you know, the one that begins with an L and ends with Aziness. That’s right, you guessed it: laziness. But no one really reads them, right? Except for maybe one person besides myself.


Sweet 18

I finally finished Sweet 18, starring Lee Dong Gun and Han Ji Hye, yesterday. I was interested in the show because this is Lee Da Hae’s debut and she played a villain. But it took me forever to finish this drama. Why? Because initally, I was very annoyed with Han Ji Hye’s character, Jung Sook. Her immature ways and constant yelling were getting on my nerves. However, as the drama progressed, she became more mature and I guess, when you think about it, she got married when she had just graduated from high school and was only 18 so it was realistic that she was immature. Every now and then, the yelling still bothered me, though.

On storyline: Basically, it’s about two people who married each other because the nuptial was arranged previously by their grandfathers. Initially, it was a one-sided love on Jung Sook’s part. However, over time, they learned to live together, mutually care for and love each other. Overall, I like the storyline and the pace of the drama.

On Acting: HJH did good. LDG did okay. The actor who played Hyuk Joon’s grandfather was terrific.

Well, what about Lee Da Hae, you ask? Not bad. At one point during the drama, I hated her character so that must be saying something about her acting, right? At the beginning of the show, I remembered commenting in LDH’s soompi thread about how I irritated I was with her character Moon Ga Young and told myself that it’s her drama character, not her real-life personality. Moon Ga Young was very superficial and conniving when she was trying to steal Hyuk Joon away from Jung Sook. Eventually, however, Ga Young made me laugh because her villain was so funny and childish. She wasn’t outright evil.

LDH looked very mature in the show, probably due to her wardrobe and hairstyle. Her character was around 27 years old when, in fact, she was only 20 when Sweet 18 was filmed.

On chemistry: HJH and LDG had great chemistry together. They’re very compatible. Thus, it’s no surprise that thanks to this drama, they began dating in real-life.

Funny tibit: In Sweet 18, Jung Sook sported the famous “bun look.” You know, the one that can be seen on Song Hye Gyo’s character Han Ji Eun in Full House, LDH’s character in My Girl and Yoon Euh Hye’s character in Goong. It was funny when LDH’s Ga Young teased HJH’s Jung Sook about how hideous the bun looked when it’s only a few years later that she played a character that sported a similar style.

Lastly, I just want to say that Kwon Hyuk Joon (LDG) is my second ideal man. (The other one being Ben from TVB’s Survivor’s Law.) Hyuk Joon was so understanding and caring towards Jung Sook. He respected her and was faithful despite the tricks from Ga Young. He was also a very responsible and filial man. He is, what I would call, an ESOM: extinct species of men.

(It’s a funny coincidence how both of my ideal men are lawyers. So lawyers aren’t really scum of the earth but they’re actually righteous and responsible? Eh, who knows for sure… That phrase is most likely a gross generalization either way.)

Come to think of it, though, almost all Korean men in TV land are ESOMs. Seriously, why are they all so tall, good-looking, loving, caring, sensitive, etc.? Where can I find one?

Sweet or Sour?