Some Other Things…

Those who are fans of Goong and Se7en and are looking forward to Goong SGoong S premieres on January 10th on MBC. WITH S2 will be providing the English fansubs for this drama.


If you look to your right under “Currently Watching,” the list includes 101st Proposal, Please Come Back, Soon Ae and Spring Waltz. The question is: am I ever going to finish watching these three shows? At the moment, the answer seems to be “never.” 101st Proposal is getting repetitive and Spring Waltz is dreadful. I just hate dropping a drama and not finishing what I’ve started. But must I torture myself so? Even the gorgeous Daniel Henney isn’t enough motivation for me to keep going. And trust me, he’s beyond drool-worthy in here.

Please Come Back, Soon Ae is decent so that will probably be the first one I complete.


I’m also watching The Snow Queen to support Hyun Bin. As a music video, it works beautifully. However, as a good, solid drama, the same cannot be said. Too cliche and too melodramatic. I was also very creeped out during the beginning of the drama because of the pairing of Hyun Bin and the actress who played the young Bo Ra. (Grown-up Bo Ra is played by Sung Yu Ri.) The actress they chose looked like she was twelve. Even if she did look like she was fourteen, which was the character’s age, pairing her with Hyun Bin, who looked like he’s 25, when he’s supposedly 18, is just… ew. Why can’t they find a younger looking actor to play the young Tae Wong (Hyun Bin’s character)? That would have been better.

Any good points? Yes.
1) Nice soundtrack
2) Hyun Bin’s hotness. He has really nice hair in here. His hair has the triple S quality: soft, shiny, and silky. Seriously, if Tae Wong/Deuk Gu can’t be a boxer or chauffer, he can always be a model for Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner.


Watch Jumong if you haven’t already. I can’t wait until more English subtitles come out. It’s a great show!


When will I finish writing the episode summaries/commentaries for Alone In Love? I don’t know. I have that “illness,” you know, the one that begins with an L and ends with Aziness. That’s right, you guessed it: laziness. But no one really reads them, right? Except for maybe one person besides myself.


One thought on “Some Other Things…

  1. Se7en…*swoon* can’t wait.

    i like to read your summaries. most of the time i don’t comment b/c i haven’t watched it, but i comment on the ones i have watched. your info and opinions are helpful!!!

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