On A Happier Note…

Mukgu-fied reached 10,000 hits today. Woot woot!

THANK YOU, fellow netizens for your support!


I’m Annoyed

Stupid people annoy me.

Incompetent smart-asses annoy me. (In other words, people who don’t do their job well yet have the nerve to tell me what to do.)

Whiny people annoy me. It’s like, just do your job. You’re getting paid to do this; you’re working, not volunteering. Geez, is that too much to ask?!

People who make “mountains out of molehills” annoy me.

Rude people annoy me.

Rude people who are telling me to be nice when, in fact, it should be the other way around, annoy me.

Selfish people annoy me.

Immature and bratty people annoy me.

Superficial people annoy me. I know you don’t give a rat’s ass about me so stop asking about how I’m doing.

Arrogant people, those who act like they’re hot sh*t and that you should worship the ground they walk on, annoy me.

Difficult-to-please people annoy me. Okay, so it was our mistake for not getting the order right. However, we apologized and had it corrected for you. So please, get over it and stop complaining.

People with little or no sense of urgency annoy me.

In conclusion, people annoy me.

On top of that, my Mini Ipod suddenly stops working today. It doesn’t turn on and I can’t even recharge the battery. What sucks is that it’s going to be costly to have the battery replaced and it’s most likely that I’ll do that because I don’t have the luxury of purchasing another player. What sucks even more is that although I’ve had it for a few years now, I don’t even use it that often. Damn!