Lee Da Hae in New Drama

Lee Da Hae, Ryu Jin and Go Joo Won will be co-starring together in KBS March drama Pride (temp name) which will air after When Spring Comes ends on the 12th of march.

Pride (temp name) will be adapted from a novel Kimchi Madu and the drama will be filmed at farms & rural places where the story is set on.


Airing Date
12th March

Airing Station

Lee Da Hae, Ryu Jin, Go Joo Won

No. of Episodes

Flower nursery/Hwa Ahn Dang owner, Soo Ha (Lee Da Hae) who is trying to save the place from being bankrupt, meets Dong Gyu (Ryu Jin) and Chang Min (Go Joo Won) who are the grandsons of a wealthy man who had worked a long time at Hwa Ahn Dang before. Together with a crazy woman’s daughter ‘Hwa Ran’, they get involve into a dangerous love story.

News and information courtesy of yeohweping @ WITH S2


4 thoughts on “Lee Da Hae in New Drama

  1. Hi,
    Do you know if Go Joo Won is still acting in this drama?
    I am the founder of the Go Joo Won fan club and it’s hard for me to find english websites about Korean entertainment. I think it’s great that you have this website. 🙂

  2. Sorry, Kristy. There was some cast changes so Go Joo Won is not in this drama. Just to make sure that we’re talking about the same person, Go Joo Won was in Rebirth right?

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