The Strongest Romance

This blog entry is dedicated to Wookie’s new movie, The Strongest Romance. It premiered on January 25th!

Lee Dong Wook (Arang, My Girl)
Hyun Young (Bad Family, Fashion 70s)

Movie Trailer
Uploaded by: mandalaywith

Uploaded by: mandalaywith

That’s Lee Dong Wook and Hyun Young singing!

4 thoughts on “The Strongest Romance

  1. OMG i am so freaking excited!!! like you don’t understand i am sooooooooooo EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait to watch my number 1!!! ^_____________________^

    and thanks for posting the OST MV too. did you ever see this one? radiohead’s “creep” is a good song on its own, but with LDW singing? *faint* (the swearing makes it funny too :-p)

    thanks for yet another great update, doozy!!!!!!!!!!

  2. wow !! LDW`s new movie, wanna watch it..wahhhhh~~!! and i think Hyun Young is funnyingly cuuuute heehee ^^

    Thanks for the MV< sooo cute & funny hahaha!

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