The Korean-American Who Is Hollywood’s Link to Asia

The Departed, the Hollywood remake of the Hong Kong film Internal Affairs starring Andy Lau and Tony Leung, won four Oscars including best director for Martin Scorsese, best picture, best adapted screenplay and best editing, at the 79th Academy award in Los Angeles on Sunday (local time). This also brought a Korean American into the spotlight: Vertigo Entertainment CEO Roy Lee, who was an executive producer on the movie.

Hollywood studios rely on Lee’s Asian sensibility and network to find Asian movies suitable for remakes. He has had a hand in introducing almost all Asian horror movies that found an enthusiastic audience in the U.S., including The Ring and Ju-on: The Grudge from Japan. An adaptation of A Tale of Two Sisters, a Korean horror film Lee picked up, will be completed by the end of this year. Lee was also involved in The Lake House, the remake of Il Mare, the first Hollywood remake of a Korean film. A remake of another Korean movie, Addicted with Lee Byung-hun and Lee Mi-yeon, will start shooting soon with Grudge‘ star Sarah Michelle Gellar. Lee also introduced My Sassy Girl and My Wife is a Gangster to DreamWorks and Miramax.

Born to a doctor father and a teacher mother, Roy Lee worked as a lawyer after graduating from George Washington University and American University’s Washington School of Law.
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doozy: Okay, so the article above is interesting and all.. But, the MAIN reason why I posted this article is because of the gross mistake of mispelling the title of a movie. People, for the umphteen time, the US film Departed is a remake of the HK movie titled INFERNAL AFFAIRS. The original movie is from Hong Kong, not Japan; and that’s Infernal Affairs with an “f” and not Internal Affairs with a “t.”

Seriously, it’s not like Infernal Affairs is some indie, low-budget movie that wasn’t a huge success and isn’t well-known. If even a non-movie buff like myself know the correct title, then shouldn’t people who are in the biz know more than I do?

Geez, I wonder how Hollywood would feel if foreign countries called the remake The Deported, instead of The Departed.

Here’s a poster of the HK movie for confirmation, in case you think I’m on some halucinogen.

Witch Amusement

This is not the poster for the drama. It’s a New Year’s greeting from the cast.

Han Ga In (Dr. Kang, Super Rookie)
Jae Hee (Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang)
Dennis Oh (Sweet Spy)
Jung Hae Bin
Kim Jung Hoon (Goong)
Hwang Ji Hyun (Please Come Back, Soon Ae)

March 14, 2007


Broadcasting Station

Jun Ki Sang (Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang, My Girl)

Han Ga In plays the heroine Ma Yoo Hee hinting that the character is like a “Witch”. Yoo Hee has independent personality and is the only daughter of the owner of an advertisement company and is working as an advertisement planner. After she is introduced to Jae Mo Ryong (Jae Hee) who is a student learning cooking, she falls in love with him. Dennis Oh will play a famous French Chef from America. He is perfect guy named Johnny Kruger from New York. He plays a big part in hooking up Ma Yoo-Hee and Jae Mo Ryong.
Source: soompi thread

Hyun Bin No Longer Single and Available

Hyun Bin has been dating Hwang Ji Hyun for almost a year. Reportedly, they broke up in the middle and then got back together again.

Those who are wondering who Hwang Ji Hyun is, she was in New Nonstop 3 and recently, Come back Soon Ae as Park Jin Hee’s stewardess friend.
Translation by: lilshinhwafreak @ soompi

doozy: As a crazy fan girl, my reaction is: Why?! Why her and not me?!
As a realistic person with her head on straight, my reaction is: Why?! Why her and not me?! Haha. I’m kidding! Honestly, as long as he’s happy, I’m happy.

So Pretty

Below are some screen caps from LDH’s vitamin cf. To view more, please click here.

Call me, Wookie oppa!

I love her smile. There’s a certain innocence and genuiness in it. Just look at the picture. She’s adorable, yet at the same time, gorgeous.
I’m looking forward to March 12, which is the premiere of LDH’s new drama, Hello! Miss.

Special thanks to pinklily @ soompi for providing these images.

Rain, Song Hye-kyo Promote Drama in China

Actress Song Hye-kyo and singer/actor Rain will visit China to promote their drama Full House, which aired on KBS 2TV a few years ago in Korea.

They will leave Seoul Thursday for a 3-day visit to Hunan, China, where a news conference and a fan meeting are scheduled ahead of the drama’s local airing.

Song’s manager Na Byung-jun of Sidus HQ says inquiries by Chinese fans about their visit are pouring in.

The hit drama was exported to 14 countries including Thailand, the Philippines and Taiwan.

Actress Song has recently finished filming her latest movie, a film about the famous Korean courtesan Hwang Jini, while Rain is on his global concert tour.

Teaser posters of Hwang Jin Yi

News source: KBS Global
Images source:

If you’re interested in the latest updates regarding this joyous event, go to AgentP’s Headquarters.

Showbiz Suicides Alarm Management Agencies

Alarm bells are ringing in Korea’s entertainment business after the apparent suicides of pop singer U;Nee and actress Jeong Da-bin within three weeks of each other.

Agencies are clearly worried. While the stars ostensibly enjoy wealth and fame, they are also more at risk than ordinary people because their kudos can vanish in an instant. The fickle nature of the business brings its attendant anxieties, especially for women, experts say.

The actress Choi Jin-sil recalls the envy of other performers when she was a teen star. “You may think that the happiest moments come with the ‘golden time’ of celebrity,” she says. “But the mental stress is extreme as well.” She admits she suffered from great insecurity not knowing if her fame would last.

Then there is the threat of litigation. As a star’s popularity soars and their fees rise, lawsuits become commonplace, especially from management agencies. Jeong was being sued for pulling out of a contract with her former management agency in February 2005. Already in 2002, she was accused of failing to hand over part of her pay to the agency. She lost.

Min Sung-kil, a psychiatrist from Severance Hospital said celebrities in many cases are more exposed to stress than ordinary people. “As a last resort, depressed celebrities may choose to kill themselves.”

Management agencies are reassessing their role to protect the celebrities they represent. Namoo Actors, the agency of the actress Lee Eun-ju, who committed suicide in 2005, is taking more time with its star entertainers. Fantom Entertainment Group, which represents the actresses Han Hyo-joo and So Yu-jin and singer Ivy, is taking particular care with its female clients, including ample consultation time.

Jeong Da-bin, U;Nee and Lee Eun-ju

Meanwhile, the National Institute of Scientific Investigation (NISI) after a postmortem on Monday tentatively concluded the death of Jeong Da-bin was suicide. It said there was no evidence of foul play and Jeong’s body showed clear evidence of death by hanging. Jeong’s boyfriend, identified by his last name Lee, who discovered the body and called police, said the actress first tried to kill herself by cutting her wrist in Sept. 2006. Jeong’s family and her new agency had requested the postmortem, asserting that the scar on her wrist was the result of a suicide attempt in her teens, not last year, and saying she had no reason to kill herself.

Jeong’s funeral service was delayed by a day due to the postmortem and will now be held at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday at the Asan Medical Center.

This makes me angry and sad at the same time.