In Remembrance

Actress Jung Da Bin, whom most people know from the drama Attic Cat with Kim Rae Won, was found dead in her boyfriend’s house yesterday. Police are still investigating to confirm whether or not it was suicide.

The latest news confirms that it was suicide. Oh dear! Why, oh why?
To read an article on Jung Da Bin’s untimely death, click here.

The last note that she left on her Cyworld:

I thought I was going to die because it was so frustrating.
I kept getting mad with no reason..and it was driving me crazy.
I was so if I would always get naseous..
My head hurt so much, I cried.
I almost became a slave to bad-temper and moodiness.
Lauging, then was enough to drive me crazy.
I finally began to think that I was losing myself..
And I began to lose touch.
Suddenly, like being electrocuted..Suddenly, I became peaceful.
The lord came.
He gives me strength, he strengthens my foolish self..
He teaches me strength, and makes me realize things that are close to me.
He raises me up when I was about to give up..
And he tells me that it’s now alright.
I’m alright.

Translation by: Fallencorruption @ soompi

Happier days

I read in soompi that she was depressed due to lack of work, among other reasons. She was only 27 years old. This is so sad! Goodbye, Jung Da Bin sshi.


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