Witch Amusement
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It looks like a fun drama from the preview. Han Ga In is oh so gorgeous but Jae Hee’s hairstyle is odd, much different than his look in Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang. Anyway, I’m definitely watching this one!

The Devil
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The clip looks intense. Although I’m still slightly annoyed at the fact that Uhm Tae Woong is second lead, I guess we’ll have to see how much screen time he has.

I’m loving the March line-up this year. In addition to the two dramas above, we also have Hello!Miss with Lee Da Hae, H.I.T. with Go Hyun Jung, and Lee Dong Wook in a new drama if he accepts the role. I’m considering doing a episode summary for one of these shows but won’t know which one yet until I see the first episode of each drama. Or perhaps an episodic project is too ambitious since I still haven’t finished the first one that I started. Heehee. I guess we’ll see how determined I am this time around.

10 thoughts on “Previews

  1. hey doozy!
    totally agree with you, the march line-up looks uber hot this year. witch amusement seems fun! can’t wait for a preview of Hello! Miss. keep up the good work! i drop by regularly but sometimes don’t manage to leave comments to thank you for your efforts in helping the rest of us keep updated. ]xD

  2. I’m totally addicted to your blog. I’m so glad I found it. It’s definitely feeding this new kdrama addiction I’ve come down with. Thanks. Just got done with Resurrection and I’m a major fan of Uhm Tae Woong now so I agree with that it’s annoying to have him not be the lead in his new drama.

  3. Thanks for the trailers..! Mahwang really looks intense~ I can`t wait.. & am crossing my fingers that it’ll be shown after DJS on kbs world.. and also Hello Miss [: and about Surgeon Bong Dal Hee – I will watch it as soon as I finish with DJS ^^,

    p/s thanks for dropping by my blog ^^

  4. Thank you all from your kind comments!

    anonymous, I’m so glad you found and liked “Resurrection.” That’s excellent storytelling without all the cliche melodrama that you typically see in other K-dramas.
    And yes, why is UTW mostly playing second lead?! He’s proven himself as a capable actor and yet… argh! is it because he’s not the typical pretty boy? But he has his own charms, you know. First, “Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang” then “Stranger than Paradise” and now this. I don’t get it..

  5. Maybe because it’s been awhile since Stranger than Paradise came out but I’m not able to download that from d-addicts. There are no peers! I’m addicted to UTW so I’m trying to download as much of his stuff but without any luck.

    On the pretty boy topic – really is Joo Ji Hoon a pretty boy, I don’t think so! I just rented and saw The Departed and was thinking what a great job Jack Nicholson did in that and how he’s had such a long career and he’s no pretty boy. I think UTW is striving for a career like that. (last time I posted as anonymous accidentally)

  6. amyable, I’ve seen parts of “Stranger than Paradise” and unfortunately, it’s not that great. But if you really want to catch up on UTW stuff, have u tried downloading from clubbox?

    Re: Joo Ji Hoon. goong fans and JJH might kill you if they read that comment. hehhee. I don’t think he’s that hot, either but eh, you know that beauty blah blah beholder phase.. ^^

    mauwy, you’re very welcome. np.

  7. Hello doozy!

    I am as excited as you about the drama lineups this year. I am in the process of downloading Ep 1 of H!M and I can’t wait to watch it. I am equally anticipating Mawang of course, I think it’s going to be huge… like you I am rooting for UTW! 😀 I am not bothered that he is “2nd lead” coz I think he isn’t… plus, I think he will shine in the drama.

    I love your blog btw… my blog is more of a mixture of my life and KPop… i just love posting KPop news and tidbits in my blog just like you.

  8. ^Yes I am ~ which is why I recognized your username as well 🙂

    Mawang starts today chinggu! And Ep 2 of H!M is already out, too. (^_^)

  9. yup yup… Mawang and Witch Amusement. i’m also watching H.I.T.
    ahhh, so many shows to watch, so little time! wat to do?!

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