Song of the Moment

This song is performed by Lee Ha Na in When Spring Comes. LHN sings it beautifully. She’s really talented. Enjoy!

To download, click here.

Translation by: ai* (WITH S2)

Even though I was young and didn’t know much.
But I understand it now what it means to leave.

Mother’s arms are so warm…
But when it was time, she left…
no other choice…

Goodbye… goodbye… goodbye…

When I let go my hand,
She left like a dandelion.

Never coming back…
like a dandelion…

Like a dandelion…

Like a dandelion…


5 thoughts on “Song of the Moment

  1. She was in the drama~ Alone in Love too right??? after reading your review here, I wanna soo bad to watch this drama. heehee. and Gong Hyun Jin is there too, after DJS i think i like him as an actor now, i think he’s great [:

  2. Wow, LHN is great! And multi-talented! Didn’t realize she was such a great singer until I heard this clip. Wow, I am amazed! Did you say she played the guitar in this clip too?

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