Jumong Song Il-Guk Has Fallen In Love

Song Il-Guk (35) is currently seeing a 5 year junior “future prosecutor” Miss A (30).
The two first met late last year, introduced by a reporter from Star News, and have been dating for 5 months since.

Miss A, who has grasped song il-guk’s heart, is currently in training for justice admistration. She is said to be of elegant height and slender figure, who is beautiful and cute in image.

Because the two have been separately busy with their work and studies, they have thus far communicated mostly by phone, but upon the end of jumong filming and Miss A’s acceptance to exam for justice administration, they can focus more on cultivating their relationship.

Song Il-Guk’s attraction to Miss A is based on her genuine and pure, cautious yet free spirit. Meanwhile, Miss A’s attraction to Mister Song is due to SIG’s wholesome lifestyle despite being a star, his modesty and masculinity.

Neither wants to interfere with each other’s career, and the two are carefully cultivating their love.

Song, who was raised in a strict and disciplined family with christian religion, has found himself a woman with a good heart who plans to serve the public.
Source: Star News
Translation by: dramaok @ soompi

doozy: First Hyun Bin and now Song Il Guk?! These news are so heartbreaking because they’re such fantasy killer. ahn dwe!!!!!

Although, if news came out that two of my favorite onscreen pairs are dating in real life, I’d be very happy.


Go Hyun Jung
Ha Jung Woo

March 19, 2007 (Replacing Jumong)


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H.I.T. stands for Homicide Investigation Team. The premise of the drama is similar to C.S.I. For more in-depth description of the drama and its characters, please click here.

Currently, there’s no fansubbing group for H.I.T. because this type of professional drama can be quite difficult to translate due to its terminology and jargon. Although I will not be comprehending much, I’ll still be watching H.I.T. because I like this genre and I want to see how it compares to C.S.I.

Also, I like Go Hyun Jung because she was very endearing in What’s Up, Fox? so I’m interested in her new project.