I’m starting school this coming May and I’ve just received the paperwork, which include the usual orientation information, health record, etc. So, I was looking at the immunization form, thinking this is going to be easy since I still have access to my immunization form. Boy, was I wrong! It turns out that most, if not all, of my vaccinations have expired, which means that I would have to get these done all over again. And you know what that means, right? My two arms will most likely go limp from all those shots and since I have no health insurance, they’ll burn a giant hole in my wallet at a time when I need to save money to prepare for my move to a different city, where the school is located. In addition, I have to go down to the school for a scholarship interview, come back home, and then go to the school again for some uniform fitting and to take a math test prior to entering the program. Math test? What the..? Do I even remember how to do math?! Damn, this sucks!

I need to do some major de-stressing. I must think happy thoughts… Hence, I shall go watch my K-dramas now. A good dose of it will lift my mood, I hope. That is, if I’m not going to watch People In Love because not only will it not help me, it will instead aggravate me and make me want to throw heavy objects or break something. My current addiction: Witch Amusement. Actually, I feel bad for not being into H!M as much as WA because my favorite girl is in H!M and I should give her my full support. But WA is so fun and entertaining! What a dilemma! Wait a minute, am I stressing myself out again? Aish, I need to stop. WA episode 2, here I come!


2 thoughts on “De-stressing…

  1. awwww…it’s ok doozy…don’t feel bad! jae hee isn’t anywhere near a reason to feel bad ]xp. i take it you understand korean then? i’ve watched H!M on youtube without subs, mind you…and i think it’s fun. hopefully with the subs it’ll be even more fun! although i must go check out WE too. love jae hee. ]xD don’t stress doozy! go enjoy yourself.

  2. Aw, thanks chel! your well wishes really made my day!

    I wish I understand Korean fluently, but I don’t. 😦 However, after spending hundreds of hours watching K-dramas, I’m able to get bits and pieces.. and plus, since it’s in context, it’s a little easier than watching, say, an interview in Korean.

    do check out Witch Amusement! My boy Jae Hee.. love him!

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