Old or New?

New banner!

With the size reduction of the new banner, I find that designing new ones is a little easier. And me with my elementary photoshop skill, I appreciate that.

I like the previous banner too, as it features one of my favorite pictures of one of my favorite men, Song Il Gook. However, I created the new banner because a fellow k-drama watcher said that the blog isn’t really “mukgu-fied” without snow. Also, I feel bad for disappointing those who voted for the original layout by (temporarily?) switching to this one. So there it is. Although the snow theme might be a bit out of place since summer is approaching, who cares, right? Here at Mukgu-fied, it “snows” all year-round. But if it gets too cold in here and I miss Mr. Song, then you’ll see his sexy and smoking hot side profile again. Heh.


Thus far, the number of people who like the old layout is about the same as those who prefer the new design. Some like the old one because of the huge LDH banner and its colorful and distinctive look while others said that the new template looks cleaner and more artsy. (Thank you everyone for your input.) As for me, I like both.

I like the Blogger one because Blogger is more user-friendly and easier to navigate whereas WordPress has a lot more options, which can be positive but also negative because things aren’t where I expect them to be when I need them. One of the options in WordPress that I like is being able to password-protect certain entries. Also, there are more layout designs to choose from in WordPress.

One thing that I don’t like about WordPress is that I can’t embed music files from imeem and radioblogclub. Well, actually two things. The second dislike is that I can’t edit the template’s code unless I purchase the CSS upgrade. In contrast, in Blogger, I can edit to my heart’s content, although that’s not necessarily a good thing because heaven knows I’ve made a mess of things several times before.

Oh, one more thing. The shoutbox is still there, but it’s now a link on the sidebar, which if you click on it, the shoutbox will pop open in a new page.

To sum up, I think what I’ll end up doing is post new entries here for a while to see how I like it and use the one at Blogger for media files that aren’t allowed in WordPress. So the Blogger isn’t going anywhere, for those who are concerned about it disappearing from the blog world.

Hmm… Come to think of it, there are quite a few changes. So it’s understandable that several people don’t like this layout. Nonetheless, please bear with me, everyone. 🙂

Testing to see if this works. If it does, woo hoo!

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