Men of the Hour

So Ji Sub, whose popularity soared after starring in I’m Sorry, I Love You (MISA), is officially back from his army duty after two years! I bet his fans are ecstatic that the long wait is over.





Look at the number of people that came out to welcome him back!

To commemorate SJS’s big day, here’s one of my favorite OST songs.

MISA OST – “Snowflower” by Park Hyo Shin

Lee Jung Jin, who was in the drama Love Story in Harvard and the movie Once Upon A Time in High School, also returned from the army. However, in contrast, at his welcome back reception, one can almost hear crickets chirping in the background.


Kinda sad, if you ask me. But tis the reality of show business; some celebrities have more fans and are more popular while others aren’t. Although, I prefer SJS since he’s the more talented actor, I’m mentioning LJJ here as well just to give him a bit of attention because I feel bad for him.


2 thoughts on “Men of the Hour

  1. blah, my apologies for misspelling Lee Jung Jin’s name. I’ve edited the post. Thanks so much for the heads up. 🙂

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