Lee Dong Wook Update

According to the latest drama news, Lee Dong Wook will no longer be leading the upcoming SBS drama Bad Couple. Instead, Park Sang Min will take over the role. (I just read other news which state that PSM isn’t the actor who will replace LDW, but I’m not sure.)

Special thanks to yeohweping for the info


Although I didn’t know who the leading actress would be, I was looking forward to this drama because of LDW. Is he busy with filming new cfs or traveling to other countries for promotional activities? Apparently, I read from soompi.com that the reason LDW pulled out of the project was because the script/storyline of the drama doesn’t allow him much room and screen time to demonstrate his ability. I guess his management company tried to negotiate with the production company but they wouldn’t budge; hence, he’s not going to be working on Bad Couple.

Secondly, Dong Wook was involved in a “scandal” with Hyun Young (his co-star in The Strongest Romance) over something that he said jokingly when the cast and crew of the movie went out for drinks. A fellow Mukgu-er gave me the low down of said incident and really, what he said wasn’t that big of a deal; it just got blown way out of proportion. DW did apologized for his action, which again, I don’t think was that serious. However, he took responsibility for it and I admire him for that.

Dong Wook sshi, we hope you feel better soon! We will wait patiently for your next project.

8 thoughts on “Lee Dong Wook Update

  1. hi doozy-ssi~
    its been a long time since i got to visit your blog, didnt know you already moved, btw I lvoe this too [: you dont mind if i add you in my link list? ^^
    btw too bad dongwook cant be in a drama anymore i wonder what hisn ext project would be.. and if its ryu sooyoung from STLDFM~ then fine enoigh coz I like him πŸ˜€

  2. DOOZY!!! Sorry I haven’t been keeping up. It’s been a hard semester, just finished my last final today…and…I’m in the graduating class of 200SE7EN!!! :-p

    Anyway, love the new look. Crisp and neat. Anyway, since I’m done school (more college??? maybe later haha), I’ll try to catch up on all that I missed. LDW not gonna be in this one? Shucks, I’ve been missing my #1!

  3. hello doozy,
    just dropping by to say hello.
    you haven’t written in a while, and it IS May so i’m guessing you’re all busy with school now!
    anyway. do have a great time at nursing (?) school.
    take care!

  4. I think he said in a joking manner that he would date someone like her or something. Then, she revealed that when she was on Ya Shim Man Man and I guess in the Korean showbiz, one shouldn’t do that. But that was a while ago. All we care about now is Wookie’s new project and that he’s doing well.

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