Yup, nursing school began on Monday and to say the least, I’m very overwhelmed and stressed. Well, it’s not like it’s unexpected since the program is three years compacted into one. I have to wake up before sunrise and there’s barely enough time to eat and sleep.

I’m sad that I can’t blog as often as before since blogging and talking about k-drama and entertainment with people who share the same interest is fun. I’ll still check the blog and respond to comments and questions but updates/new entries will be infrequent. Also, if you come across any good new shows or interesting entertainment tibits, please do share them with me using the comment option on this entry or the shoutbox feature. Thanks in advance.

In the mean time, there are a gazillion of entertainment blogs out there for your reading pleasure. Some are excellent, while others are… Anyway, the good ones are on the side, under “blogroll.” Enjoy!

p.s. Hi chel and Jill! Thanks for dropping by and for the warm wish.

6 thoughts on “Hello

  1. chel,

    I’ve heard very good things about flowers for my life so I can’t wait until break time to watch it. Thanks for the recommendation!

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