Tamra the Island: Progress Update

I’m up to episode 13 and with each episode, my affection for this drama and its characters grows stronger and stronger. Tamra also has one of the cutest opening sequences, with the pop-up book theme and animated character cardboard cutouts.

Tamra the Island Opening Theme

(Special thanks to thduddbals for uploading the clip.)

You know, the more I think about it, the more I’m glad to have come across Tamra at just the right time. Otherwise, I would have missed out on this gem of a show.

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Athena: Episode 1

Originally, I was going to check out Athena: Goddess of War after all of its episodes have aired and wasn’t planning on blogging about the show at all. However, while waiting for the next episodes of Tamra to finish downloading, I was in an action-adventure mood and thought, “hey, why not?” I went in, expecting only eye candy and to be entertained. Thankfully, episode 1 of Athena satisfied both criteria. So yay!

Note: This is not a detailed recap but a commentary of sorts. It’s mostly my thoughts and reactions as I watched the episode. For well-written, cohesive (read: higher quality) recaps of the drama, you know where to find them.

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Welcome to the Island

Tamra Island, that is.

When Tamra the Island aired in 2009, I had no interest in watching it primarily because there wasn’t anyone in its cast that really drew my attention. Seo Woo was a relatively newbie then. Im Joo Hwan was known to me as the dude who was Hyun Bin’s ineffective romantic rival in The Snow Queen; oh yeah, and also Kim Bum’s bro in a blink-and-you’d-miss-him scene in Boys Over Flower. And there was Hwang Chan Bin (Pierre Deporte), the blond albino boy whom I knew nothing about. Even after reading the many critical praises that Tamra gained, I still had no plans to check it out. Especially after being introduced to Seo Woo through the hot mess that was Cinderella’s Sister and leaving with feelings of indifferent and mild annoyance of the actress. So why am I marathoning it now?

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Egads! It’s Been That Long?!

*coughs on dust*

Wow, my previous blog post was in November, 2007?! Is it really 2010 or have people been telling me lies all this time?

No, it’s really been more than three years since I last updated the blog. Sorry, Mukgufied and (whatever is left of) its readership. I was occupied with school, and then after graduation, with work and other stuff. Add on to all that is my baseline laziness and lack of motivation to blog. But, I’m feeling inspired again so I’m back.

Does anyone still read this blog? *curious*

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