Egads! It’s Been That Long?!

*coughs on dust*

Wow, my previous blog post was in November, 2007?! Is it really 2010 or have people been telling me lies all this time?

No, it’s really been more than three years since I last updated the blog. Sorry, Mukgufied and (whatever is left of) its readership. I was occupied with school, and then after graduation, with work and other stuff. Add on to all that is my baseline laziness and lack of motivation to blog. But, I’m feeling inspired again so I’m back.

Does anyone still read this blog? *curious*

Anyway, I was walking down memory lane the other day, browsing through the stuff that I wrote way back in 2006, and I couldn’t believe how, eh, productive I was. And how unfiltered the content was because basically, I just wrote whatever was on my mind at that particular moment, hit the publish button, and that’s that. I was a little embarrassed reading through them now because the entries were mostly fluff and some had quite a few grammatical mistakes and what not. But you know what, that’s not really as important because I actually had fun writing, erm, blogging back then. So hopefully, this time around, my inspiration will stick around for a long while and I will be able to recapture that same fun spirit and enjoyment for blogging and will update more frequently.

Newest updates: I’ve added three new pages up top for those who are curious.
1) The About page has a little blurb about the blog and its blogger.
2) The Drama Listing page lists (of course) all the dramas that I’ve completed.
3) The My Loves page contains my favorite dramas, actors, and actresses.


One thought on “Egads! It’s Been That Long?!

  1. welcome back to the blogging world, doozy! 😀 *hugs* although to be honest i understand why you took that “little” hiatus. as a cyber-acquaintance once told me, “if it stops being fun, then what’s the point, right?” so i’m glad to know you’ve found the inspiration (*ehem*SSSK*ehem*) and the impetus to resume updating. =D

    looking forward to browsing your blog and reading your entries!

    your calvin&hobbes strip = iLove ^^; hahahaha so true!!!

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