Welcome to the Island

Tamra Island, that is.

When Tamra the Island aired in 2009, I had no interest in watching it primarily because there wasn’t anyone in its cast that really drew my attention. Seo Woo was a relatively newbie then. Im Joo Hwan was known to me as the dude who was Hyun Bin’s ineffective romantic rival in The Snow Queen; oh yeah, and also Kim Bum’s bro in a blink-and-you’d-miss-him scene in Boys Over Flower. And there was Hwang Chan Bin (Pierre Deporte), the blond albino boy whom I knew nothing about. Even after reading the many critical praises that Tamra gained, I still had no plans to check it out. Especially after being introduced to Seo Woo through the hot mess that was Cinderella’s Sister and leaving with feelings of indifferent and mild annoyance of the actress. So why am I marathoning it now?

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Previously, I really did not understand the fanfiction world. And truth be told, I used to scoff at the idea. But, what do we have here? Not only have I started to read fanfics based on characters of a certain K-drama, I even felt inspired enough to make an audio version of one. *eats words*

Sungkyunkwan Scandal, what have you done to me?

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