Previously, I really did not understand the fanfiction world. And truth be told, I used to scoff at the idea. But, what do we have here? Not only have I started to read fanfics based on characters of a certain K-drama, I even felt inspired enough to make an audio version of one. *eats words*

Sungkyunkwan Scandal, what have you done to me?

I deliberated for a while as to whether or not I should share the audiofic publicly. In the end, I decided to post it here because in addition to being a place where I can snark and spazz to my heart’s content, Doozy’s Porch is also where I would like to document the crazy stuff that I cook up as a result of my K-drama addiction. Secondly, since the blog has a readership of only a handful of people, I think I feel comfortable enough sharing it here. *shoots self in foot*

The entire audiofic is a little over 50 minutes long. (And the number of interested readers drops from 5 to 1.) But, but! I’m only posting the first 4 minutes. Now, if you do decide to give it a listen, here are some suggestions for your sake and mine (in case you want to throw up, I mean, throw stuff at me for subjecting you to such crap).

1) Have low expectations; in fact, it would be best if you have no, nada, zilch expectations at all
2) Be prepared for angst and some mild (?) cheddar

The fanfiction in question, titled Silence, as well as the background music suggestion came from the amazingly creative mind of Miss Tofu. The work, in its entirety, can be found here.

So, without further ado…

Fanfic title: Silence
Author: Miss Tofu
Adapted from: Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairytale A Little Mermaid
Background music: Your Tears (Main Theme) – Tamra the Island OST

Thank you for the inspiration and the permission to bastardize make an audio version of your fanfic, Miss Tofu!


4 thoughts on “Audiofic

  1. Audiofic, yay!!! Hear, hear!!! *bangs on drum*

    (Um, will this fic spoil the SKKS plot for me? Just making sure.)

    For some reason the audioclip’s taking forever to buffer, drats. Will check back in a couple of hours. (Must be my innernet connexn, hatesss!)

    • Nope, this fanfic will not spoil SKKS. On the contrary, if you’re familiar with Andersen’s fairytale, then that might spoil the fic for you.

      Thanks for the note of confidence! You even brought out your drums. ahhha

  2. Wow, Doozy! That was truly beautiful.

    You have a lovely, sweet voice, it’s such a pleasure to listen to. I’m so honoured that you’d be willing to turn my humble fic into this pretty and touching audio experience. =) Thank you!

    Would it be too demanding of me to request a copy of the full audiofic via email, or a download link via Mediafire? XD

    • It’s Tofu! *waves excitedly*

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m really flattered. 🙂

      Re: the full clip
      I’m still working on fine tuning certain parts of it. Once done, I can either post a download link or email it to you. It’s not demanding at all. 😉
      Although, I do have let you know that the first 4 minutes is probably (most likely) the best part of the clip, quality-wise. So again, keep expectations low.

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