Adieu… (updated)

to horrendous hairstyles? One can only hope.

I was doing my usual web surfing when I came across a video clip of Bi’s performance for his Adieu! 2010 concert. At a distance, the man looks like he still has what it takes to rock the stage and deliver an entertaining show. However, the up-close view puzzled me.

Dear Bi,

I just want you to know that ramen is supposed to be eaten, not worn on your head like a bad wig you… have a cute smile.


Update: Apparently, my guess was inaccurate. The inspiration for the perm is not this

but this

I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is the worst hair model.

Also, per jicks’s request, here are two video clips of Bi’s Adieu! 2010 concert. The first one is a HILARIOUS interview with Bi, in which he talks about his concert and future plans, including his upcoming military service to happen some time this year. It totally slipped my mind that Bi has yet to fulfill his civil duty until zooey’s reminder. I’ve been searching for his enlistment date but so far, haven’t been able to find any solid info except for an article from Hancinema.

Hmm… If I were to meet Bi in real life, I wonder if I’d be kooky and star-struck like the interviewer. ahahhaha

The second clip is a news segment showing a summary of the concert’s performances.

(Special thanks to itsrainismworld for uploading clip 1 and Rainrunway29 for clip 2.)

12 thoughts on “Adieu… (updated)

    • I think I chose one of his cuter moments during the show to take that screencap because I still like him a lot, ramen-hair notwithstanding.

  1. BWAHAHAHAHA! This cap has made my day (well, night now :O0ooo)!! (Is this clip on youtube??)

    Lucky the man does have a cute smile because that hair is a sure-fire fail, like, ahjummas wouldn’t even be considering the look ><; I don't think the colour helps either. Some can pull bad hair off (oi jicks, it's your cue! Your chance to talk about Eita now you silly woman! xPP) some can't. I'm thinking Bi needs to stick to straight hair. A bit of length. Neat. Clean. Deep V-neck tee showing abdomen. Man-heels. Engrish! Perfecto xDD

    • Glad you like it! LOL @ the Eita reference. I agree, Eita has a very special gift.

      Deep V-neck tee showing abdomen
      Why bother with the V-neck. Save yourself the trouble and just walk around shirtless, Bi. I’d rather have that than that horrid looking lime green thing that he wore in Full House.


      • lol I remember the fashion in Full House! I kinda liken the atrocity to Ju Ji Hoon in Goong (I SO miss that guy!)… although, part of me cuts them a big chunk of slack because you know all they are trying to do is emulate their manga counterparts, so I guess I could overlook the dodgy fashion (to a certain extent.)

        But I much prefer the shirtless idea πŸ˜‰

  2. Lol. I just saw this clip yesterday on Arirang. Bi as usual was strutting his stuff, funny thing was that he was “playing up” his hair. He’d pat it, fluff it up some more in between songs and the crowd would just scream in delight. The commentators were making a big deal out of it. The coif[fure] kinda reminded me of the artist formerly known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince. Curly top mop and under cut shave. I’m glad to see him having fun with his hairdo, after all, he won’t be able to toy with his hair for a while once he enters the army. πŸ™‚

    • I might have seen the same clip because the commentator was actually complementing Bi’s new do, saying that it’s a cute “baby perm” or something. And I was scratching my head, thinking, perm, yes, baby? erm, no, not the age bracket I had in mind.

      Re: army duty
      I totally forgot that Bi hasn’t fulfilled his army service yet. NOoooo!

  3. ^^Would love to see aforementioned clip! Sounds like something Bi would do (*Β΄γƒΌο½€*)

    Re Bi’s military duties, I forgot about it too! When that day finally comes I think I will give up protein and even shed a tear 😦

    I do seem to (very) vaguely recall at one stage masses of people trying to get him out of serving in the army altogether since he is basically the face of Korea and attracting huge amounts of attention to the country. Bi = $$$$$$!!!!!! But I suppose it wouldn’t be totally fair -_-Oooooo… Does anyone know if we have an officially set date?

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